Ring Envy - What Raiders Fans Said - 11/19

When the season started, I thought the Raiders would be pretty good based on their success last year. But I was wrong. Very wrong, in fact. The Raiders were 4-5 heading into this shit show against the Patriots and their fans had literally no hope. Emotions boiled over really early, with most of them giving up as soon as the Patriots went up 7-0. It never got any better, as dropped passes and dumb offensive play calling doomed Oakland.

Not going to say they have zero chance, but it’s a TALL order

The NFL needs the Raiders to win this game for marketing purposes so they will probably throw it to ensure the Raiders win.

My faith stays put... Let's get it RAAIDERS! And the Chiefs struggling with the Giants a L there would be huge.

Alright here we go

Here come the drops

Fucking seth!!!

One challenge of the leagues worst secondary in six plays.....same old shit

Cannot drop passes right in your fucking hands for first downs. Need lots of points today

I’ve been screaming no huddle all year, the Patsies are DOING IT

We are so out coached

Goddammit our coaches are idiots

These fuckers are finished already. Came out conservative on offense and same ol shit on defense

Best job today....patsies punter....probably won't see the firld

Del Rio you SUCK

Of course after romo praises the team for tackling well they shit the bed and prove him wrong

Fuck this team. Coaches have NO CLUE. GM has no clue.

A lot Pats fans, chanting Brady.

Trash defense on the first drive. Brady is gonna look like Brady tonight

This game should be in Oakland, F Mexico.

To prepare for Cheatriots no huddle after they practiced at 7000 feet. Freakin stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

This is going to be UGLY!!!!

So much for the “self scouting” and refining by the coaches coming off a bye week. Pats had a short week and they’re ready

What a joke and at begging of year, where picked as a Super Bowl contender, lol.

Man I should have started all the patriots for my fantasy team

Brady picking us apart like Swiss cheese

11-11 nice defense there KNjr

Brady just playing catch. Zero incompletions

Give them ANOTHER first down! Great job assholes

Where did we find this coaching staff?

Brady is career 90% against DelRio defense

Insanity...doing the same thing over and over and failing. Hey Del Rio you are insane!

At least lynch is playing like he wants to win

More short passes on 3rd and long. Why?????

Wow, negative offensive yardage against the worst defense in the league. Good job guys.

God i hate both Carrie and Nelson

What an absolute Abortion of a team!!

This is going to be an absolute ASS BEATING. Totally outclassed, outcoached, and out hearted

I’d say take some shots now, but they can’t catch.

The only way to have a chance is take Brady out of the game!

We don't get PI calls ever

...and seth fumbles away the season

Yeah hold it out with one hand stupid moron

I would not let that fucker back on the field this year. The receivers are fucking killing this team and have ALL YEAR

Trade Roberts for a six pack of Mexican beer.

Had a chance to get back in the game and he’s swinging the ball around like a fucking 5 year old playing with a plastic sword. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

I'm gonna drink...

Brady throws anywhere near his receiver and it's a catch. Carr hits the receiver in the shoulder pads and it's an INT.

Who is that fucker sitting on the bench with Roberts patting him on the back seeming to say "it's ok, don't worry" WtF? Al Davis would cut him immediately. Also Carr sucks. One season wonder.

Should have been down by 7 at the half... now we're down 17. F**king 10 point swing in the last minute. WTF??? I'm on the drinking bandwagon now.

I hate the Patriots. Every ball bounces their way. As for the Raiders, they can't seem to break their way out of a wet paper bag.

FIRE this entire FUCKIN incompetent coaching staff...

I never had a doubt we were gonna get shitted on today

Well fuck. Good thing I have a full bottle...

That's a wrap. Probably the most disappointing season in a loooonnggg time. From contenders to pretenders. Everyone that said our defense would be the death of us this year was right.

Get bed and breakfast back here. WAY better. No passion in this team. Horrid coaching and GM.

Yeah everyone that thought we had a chance in hell was delusional

OMG Carr sucks more than I thought. I'm taking a shot every time he sucks more. I'll be drunk soon.

I went to pee and the pats scored again. Raiders are a joke.

I nominate King for an Academy Award. Best Actor.

Is something wrong with Lynch? Why did they use Olawale? Or is that a stupid question?

That 4th & one sums up this team, actually I can’t call it a team..it’s an abortion!

4th and 1 and there are 8 defenders in the box. WTF are they thinking?

Patriots stayed in Colorado to practice last week, and went to Mexico City to practice today

WTF? Throw it down field. You have nothing to lose. INT's are ok. Just do it. Don't play like it's a close game. it's 30-0. Stupid coaching, stupid QB.


I would rather have Tony Romo as the head coach he seems to know more than del rio????

Wow!!!!! Couldv'e used that kind of a catch 3 quarters ago.

wooohoooo. get a stop here and then score a 22 point TD

Why did the Raiders just kick it to the 20? Is everyone trying to lose their job?

Brady is still in there, they must be worried.

It looks like a large number of the Mexican fans spent half time buying Patriot clothing at the concession stands.

WTF? It's illegal to tackle below the knees? Oh yeah, it's prince Brady.

Ok, I just peed again and the patriots scored again.

Bahahaha, canceled the broadcast for another game. Lovely.

They cut the raider game off...thank Sweet Baby Jesus!!!

After a bye week, you come out, you talk about changing tempo, self scouting, fine tuning, all of the usual bullshit we’ve come to expect from this staff, and you look like this. The coaching staff is horrendous

I'd take Terelle pryor over Carr. Carr is horrible. And i'm saying that as a big supporter of his. These drops are not all on the receivers.

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