Mike Tomlin REALLY wants to play the Patriots

Jim Rogash | Getty Images

The New England Patriots’ matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming Sunday is sure to be one of the biggest showdowns this season. This particular game’s outcome is very likely to determine home-field advantage and the No. 1 AFC seed for the playoffs.

And Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin is feeding into the hype.

“It’s good to be in the kitchen. The kitchen’s in Pittsburgh, PA, this week in the National Football League, and at Heinz Field,” said Tomlin. “That’s where you want to be in the middle of December. We don’t take it for granted.”

“This is what we’ve been fighting for since March,” Tomlin continued. “To be in these types of games against these types of people. Why would you fight that? It’s an awesome thing.”

Currently, the Steelers lead the conference at 11-2, after the Patriots fell to 10-3 following a loss to the Miami Dolphins Monday Night.

Tomlin isn’t the only one who’s all hyped up about the game, Pittsburgh safety, Mike Mitchell, chimed in on the matchup.

“This is the game everyone’s been waiting to see. We’re going to show up and fight,” Mitchell said. “Obviously it’s got a lot of history to it; I’ve been thinking about this game since we lost it last year. Very much look forward to playing them. Obviously, Tom Brady is the GOAT. I tip my hat to him. He is the GOAT, and for us to be the champ we have to beat the champ.”

With a lot to prove and fight for from both sides – the Steelers lost to the Patriots in the AFC title game last year and the Patriots are ready to bounce back from that unpleasant performance on MNF – Pittsburgh vs. New England is a game we all should tune in to.

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