Ring Envy - What Bills Fans Said - 12/3

So the Bills shut down their message board in the offseason, which is disappointing because I was really looking forward to reveling in the fan's misery from beginning to end. But thankfully, Facebook exists. So I went through their Facebook feed and took some of the best comments I saw following their loss to the Pats. Enjoy!

We lost to the pats, nothing new, but what about the ridiculous hit on white from Gronk!? He better get suspended, I used to respect and like that guy, but to do that on a rookie after the play is classless

Tom Brady now has as many wins in Buffalo as any quarterback who has played there since 2001. Yes, that also counts quarterbacks who have actually played for the Bills and have eight home games a year too. Brady only plays in Buffalo once per season.

Tyrod threw for another record low..Peterman may not be the answer but another 65 yard game for Terrible Tyrod Taylor isn't going to cut it. People that support Tyrod are drunk.

Patriots still find a way to cheat. That one was not a first down. Gronk should have been ejected in my opinion. The refs should be fired. A few of those calls were not right.

Bills got their face kicked in. Bills r bad, even by some miracle they make the playoffs it’ll be ugly.

You know Collins and Johnson and Losman and Edwards,
Holcomb and Fitzy and EJ and Tyrod.
But do you recall
The most famous QB of all?

Rudolph the Franchise Savior
Makes short, middle, and deep throws.
And if you ever saw them,
You’d agree that Brady blows.
All of the other QB’s
Used to suck and lose us games.
They never knew Mason Rudolph
Would come and put them all to shame!

Then one dreary football Draft,
Terry came to say,
Rudolph with your spiral so tight,
Won't you guide my team tonight?

Then all the Bills fans loved him,
As they SHOUTED out with glee,
Rudolph the Franchise Savior,
You'll go down in history!

Wow! I know the Bills are bad. But after reading the comments, I looked up what Gronk did. Should be done for the season for that. That is about as obvious an intent to injure as I have ever seen in the NFL. And WTH were the refs thinking - not ejecting him? smh

I officially sick of this team. Truly tired of this. I've been a loyal patient fan since I was kid , but this is really upsetting the hell outta me . This yet another utter embarrassing loss and most likely another year not making the playoffs. Until the Bills can beat Tom Brady and the patriots when it matters , this team is going nowhere.

How about you New England trolls all go masturbate together on the Pats homepage and congratulate each other on your lovable dirty TE. At least I have 2 friends that are Pats fans big enough to admit it was a dirty hit. Stay the hell off our team’s page. Douchebags.

Today I saved $300 in less than 15 minutes. I watched most of the third quarter and immediately decided that next year I will not buy the Sunday Ticket from DTV. I am literally paying for a stroke.

We should be used to the Patriots getting away with playing dirty. If they make it to the Super Bowl we will definitely NOT be watching the game. Gronkowsk should be fined and suspended!!!

Unless Buffalo’s receivers dress up as trash cans for the next game, peterman won’t be able to hit them at all.

I'm surprised the Patriots didn't go for more points at the last possession of the games, I mean considering how greedy they are. I mean it amazes me how a team that has enjoyed so much success over the years make such a big fuss when something doesn't go their way. Lake cheap shutting a player who is down when a call doesn't go their way!! And I'm sick of hearing oh how great Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is, it makes me want to projectile vomit my guts out. I'm beyond fed up of this team, the sooner Tom Brady's career is over the better.. I don't care if he retires or suffers a occur ending injury!!!

Here's a fun stat for everyone: Tom Brady is THIRD all time in wins in Buffalo, behind Jim Kelly and Joe Ferguson. All the other Bills QBs EVER have less wins in Buffalo than Brady does. And they had eight games every year at home to do it..

Wanna know what's really embarrassing? The Browns (0-11) are beating the Chargers 7-6. The Browns have held the Chargers to 6 points in the first half while the Bills allowed 37.

Start Peterman the rest of the year. Tylor isn't and never was our franchise QB. Better get a look at Peterman so we can assess what we need next year.

Congratulations Bills, I figured it would be 35-3 so you kept it a lot closer then I expected. Thankyou , and just think you get to play them again in 3 weeks. Maybe then it will be 35-3. LMAO

Heartbreaking, I often think about how long I can actually continue to endure this. I never get to see the bills because I live in Washington State Common every time they're on TV all I see are losses. I'm not a bandwagon jumper, so I won't ever fall the Seahawks, I'll be a Bills fan till the day I die, and probably afterwards. But it's clear that this year I'll be rooting for another team in the Super Bowl, just sad.

Okay, if the Giants don't want Eli anymore, we will trade tyrod to them with maybe a second round pic...

Ha ha..... all you morons that thought we could beat NEW ENGLAND.....we gotta score points to beat anyone besides ourselves....and with our atrocious play calling and captain sack at the helm, we probably won't win another game this year!!

Absolutely disgusted with junkowski To be a good player is one thing, but to intentionally try to injure and potentially seriously take out another player maybe paralyze? Lowest of lows. And the nfl claims to care.

This coach has no clue what's going on during the game ! Blew a challenge then didn't challenge when on 3rd down they was short by a half yard. Then takes a timeout with 204 ? Then loose 2 minute warning on the punt! A 8 year old playing madden could manage a game better!

The day the Buffalo Bills make the playoffs is the day I sneeze gold bricks out of my nose!! They should pay the fans for going to their games.

What a poorly judged game. I watched it and was disgusted with the calls. Looks to me love favoritism. Our guys were not up to par but the Patriots are bullies. I liked Gronk because he was a Buffalo Ian but not anymore. Hell get his one of these days

Remember when Tyrod used his race why he was benched a few weeks ago? Nah buddy, it's when you loft the ball to a defensive player in the red zone... That's why.

I’m no NFL coach but if I was after the incident today with the cheap shots and horrible referring. I would tell my team the next time we play these cheating pricks (cause that’s the only they can win) is just go out and hurt them anyway u can I don’t if we lose 100 to 0 just make sure when your done no player on that team will ever play again in the NFL

Stop with all the crap about the Patriots, Buffalo did absolutely nothing to win that game. Worried about Gronk's cheap shot.... how about worrying about the ineptitude of Taylor as a QB or how the defense let them run at will. Smfh!!!!

Gronk (Smock). He claims he did it bcux he was frustrated. Really. The whole buffalo bills team were frustrated too and you don't see any of them pulling that stunt. You are a Big Baby..

Total intent to injure. If the NFL does not care or react then I as a Buffalo Bill would target this wholes knees next time they play. Eye for an eye. The league has an opportunity to do the right thing.

The only organization that's more of a joke than the entire NFL is the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully this sport dies a quick death. How have I wasted so much time watching grown men that can barely do basic algebra?

I’m just gonna drop this nugget...when McDermott has time and experience, and we are all healthy, the pats will fall; as surely as I know that I was born in Buffalo. The bills need to billieve- we can do this!

Sorry but..that pick early on that Tyrod threw in the NE redzone changed the momentum of the game and QUICKLY. They kept it close til the half but after that, it was the Tom and Bill show.

This franchise is an embarrassment to the city of Buffalo. If this was Madden franchise mode, I would delete this franchise and start over

Gronkowski is a punk player and glad he doesn't play for the Bills. He is going to pay for that play! I can't stand him he thinks he is above and make plays like that. So wrong!!!

Awesome game guys. As usual the offense was on FIRE with Taylor at the helm. But hey, he's "our guy" right?

Well children; what did we learn today? Perhaps we learned quarterbacks actually throw the ball and takes risks..send Tyrod and his ten suits packing...

The Patriots just got lucky that's all and can you say cheaters they get away with everything and I mean everything Patriots suck

I walked away from the TV when I saw the BILLS QB loft the Football to a Patriot almost at the GOAL line a few feet away ... Still recovering from that image

This team is such a waste of time. I hate Sundays. They suck more dicks than Tom Brady and company do for the refs.

Gronk, former Buffaloan is a jerk! We do mean it that hot dog nose! He is nasty hurt one of our player.

Every year the same thing heart break after heart break you idiots need to stop taking your bye weeks so freaking early got to have healthy player in the later part of the season than early smartin up

Why was Eric Lee on our practice squad he should have been on our active roster. He is a beast for the Patriots.

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