The San Francisco 49ers are high on life and on Jimmy Garoppolo

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
In his first game as a starter since the big trade Jimmy G left the field with a win. The Niners beat Tits Trubisky and the Bears by the score of 15-14. Jimmy finished 26 of 37 for 293 yards, no tuddies, and one pick. SF was losing all day, but Jimmy G got the ball back down 14-12 with 5:27 to play. He led his squad on a 92 yard drive to set up the game winning FG with 4 seconds left.

He left a lot of the football word impressed with his performance. Niners WR Marquis Goodwin said, "Just look at him. Look at him. He's got it all together. He came in a short time (ago) and is helping us flip this thing around. Some people are just winners, and he's a winner."

Former Patriot Rodney Harrison added, "The quickest way to get your teammates' respect is to show how tough you are. He stood in that pocket time and time again, he got hit in the mouth and he showed that toughness."

And Dieter Kurtenbach added the highest praise, "He looked so good that the Niners could have slapped a franchise tag on him right after he led San Francisco 92 yards down the field in the final 5:27 to set up the game-winning field goal."

Johnny O from nepatriotslife had some thoughts as well, "Everybody calm down. Jimmy put up 15 points against the Bears and didn't throw a tuddy. Grow up."

I have an interesting relationship with Jimmy. When we drafted him I hated him with a passion. That was a second round pick that could have been used to improve the team immediately, instead of being a four year insurance policy.

I ate my words a little bit when we needed him to start while Tom was wrongfully suspended. Then the idiot went and broke his collarbone 6 quarters into the best gift he could ever be given.

Then I thought drafting him would be worth it in the end because he would get me the first overall pick from the Browns. Seems like the least he could do after we handed him two free bowls, the only bowls he will ever win by the way. Then he fucked me on that front too. So I guess you could say I hate Jimmy? I think he's hot as hell, and a good teammate. But he did less than nothing for me and there was no way I'm giving him 22 mil next year to ride pine.

Now that he's gone I have a lot of friends that want to root for him. Not me. If he's the next big star in this league, getting the 35th pick back for him feels pretty fucking stupid. If he is a bum and I get the 35th pick for him its a steal, and Bill wins again. The decision is easy.

Congrats on your first win Jimmy, but you suck and I hope you never make the playoffs again.