Ring Envy - What Steelers Fans Said - 12/17

The Patriots won one of the wildest regular season games I've ever seen over the Pittsburgh Steelers last night. Once again, the game ended with a mega controversial call, and Steelers fans were having none of it. Their reactions throughout the game perfectly encapsulated what it was like to watch it from even the most casual fan's perspective while also showing no one has any idea what the catch rule actually is. This might be the longest Ring Envy I've ever done, but it's well worth the read.

Let's send these arrogant punks home embarrassed. Score early and often.

Hope it’s a on top by 2 scores the whole game lol

I can feel my heart pump now the dam game hasn't started yet

I really think we’re going to get it done today, but it’s sure to be dramatic for the full 60 minutes. I’m bracing myself emotionally for another double-digit 4th quarter comeback and last second field goal.

I'm ready to run through a brick wall.

Crappy afternoon at my daughter's dance show so I'm ready for some football to take my mind off things.

My concern is the inability of the coaching staff to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. It probably helps explain why they underperform against lousy teams and certainly goes to explain why they crap the bed against NE in the same way year after year.

I'm going to be greedy about what I want out of this game. I want a soul crushing defeat laid on NE. I want this to be seen as one of those games were down the road, analysts will say that it was this loss, more than any other, that demonstrated that Brady's skills were clearly diminished, and the overall direction of the Pats was clearly pointed South for the first time in years. I'm sick of their silly costumes they call uniforms, Brady's pedantic and scripted sideline meltdowns, Belichecks' expressionless, emotionless demeanor and the whole lot of their sickening fan base. Is that too much to ask?

Being at home and pats virtually banged up all over, yea if we can’t beat em today we never will be brady

No turnovers today!

Expecting mental lapses on the defense early? Lol

We seem to have our ducks in a row on offense. We need a great game plan by Butler.

Tony Corentei.... not again..

Cheats lover Nance and the scrub

Refs strike already.

Play conservative and we lose

Just move the damn chains...DAMN IT!

Refs screw us for another drive. lol as always

We virtually need to score every possession lol

Playing right into Belichick's game plan...

How much you want to bet there won’t be a penalty for holding on the Pats this first drive?!

Must tackle dink and dunk IMMEDIATELY.

Just give em first downs. Smfh

Wow! Offsides while the entire receiving corps was moving....

Artie Burns...... nice...


LOL. WIDE OPEN. We're losing this. Horrible coverage, Mitchell.

Just face it we can’t stop him lol

What defense?

This is going to be 24-0 by halftime. Total lack of preparation.

It is really hard to believe the Steelers care so little about winning against these guys. The Pats ALREADY scored. Just idiotic to allow it. So dumb.

Well, that is about what we expected. Or at least I did

No hold mother ****n ridiculous Davis was near hugged literally....what a ****iin joke this league is

I was slow getting to the game... tuned in just in time to see the Pats score.

Well let’s see if they have any pride or are content to be the Patriots little brothers.

Hmm...Ben doesn't play to convert on 3rd down, goes for big play...doesn't make it. Brady drives down and scores TD on next drive.

The Patriots don't make the mistakes, like falling all over themselves on a 15+-yard run, that we make. No idea how, but they don't.

Worst thing that could've happened to us was that patriots loss last week

Check the PSI on those footballs

A return with no penalty! Amazing!

They have no answer for Bell. Feed him passes.

.....and what a scene it was when the Sideline Bimbo gives her human interest story on Shazier.

HORRIBLE throw by Ben. Jesus, dude.

dont waste balls to bryant

JUJU. Incredible throw/awareness.

That`s the way to win. Pass pass pass.

JU JU!!!!!

ROGERS! TD!!!!!!!


I was about to lose my ****

Suck on that, you jammy wearing punks!

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha. They cannot defend the pass any better than us and we have more (and better) offensive weapons.

Time to get to Marsha!

Need to take out brady now



YEAH BABY!!! Brady eats some dirt!

I’m in the toilet because of nerves but woooo

Good, knock his dick in the dirt. Turtles like a little whiny *****.


A sack and a stop? It must be Christmas

Nice stand, now get Gisele's old lady off the field.

NO JINX, but I love watching this offense lately.

The Steelers need to hire Brady as our Defensive Coordinator when he is done playing. Think that guys understands what we do better than what we do. LOL!

For once, I want Ben to sling it downfield more lol

1 yard passes to James is not going to get it done



now that is the way to catch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What! Whew! That’s the Bryant I like!

1 big play = 1 penalty

Stick that play up your rear, Haley.

This up the guy run isn’t good...


Oh man

It’s broken!

Only against the Patriots, a key injury.

No, no no no no no no no no no no

Not good. Not good at all

If it’s broke the season is over

Ben hobbling, Brown out. Disaster has struck.

Thank you Boz! But we really did need 7 there

Refs got AB killed. Why aren't they showing these bull**** calls?

The Patriots always get so lucky against us. Our best players go down consistently.

Penalty count: Steelers 3/25 with another one attempted cheat. Pats 0/0

It would be cool if they ever called holding on the patriots offensive line

Saved a td

Nice rebound Defense

They’re starting to complain to the refs....get ready guys!


Ben is getting smacked... bad.

Bryant remembering that he's actually a good receiver.

They are beating up ben. Such a shame we can’t do that to brady

Belicheat using his timeouts now but didn't in Super Bowl lol cheater

All Tom can do is watch from the sideline

Best part is Brady pouting on the sideline as time creeps away




Who woke Martavis Bryant up after his season long slumber?

You gotta love him!!!!!

His arrogance makes me pout every time.

Watch out for new England halftime adjustments. They are very good at it

Belicheat walk of shame

Still another half-gotta keep it up! no Falcon type break down!!!

Our O-line doing pretty good job giving Ben time. I bet Belicheat tries something different to bring pressure in second half.

I'd sell a kidney for a pick 6.

These games go so much faster and smoother w/o penalty flags on every play. It seems the league would catch on, more time for commercials!

So was the plan all season to practice man coverage but only use it against the Patriots?

I'm expecting a large dose of Gronk coming up.

they killed AB now we gotta pay them back

Brady needs to get hit

Always let Gronk hurt us.

Huge completion gronk

Need a turnover

Burns needs to be careful there! Enough of the attitude young man

Nice tackle by Artie.



of course

You know who he was going to on 4th down!

In what ****ing world was that a 4th and 1? He was tackled 3 yards short of the marker!

All the Steelers there were calling for med staff immediately.

Burkhead down

sweet swat Hilton!!!!

Nice play Hilton

It’s just WAY to easy for Brady against our bad defense.

Can someone explain to me why Gronk is allowed to have a robot arm?

Lol missed the extra point!


That will come back to haunt them

Well, they are the best team on opening drive of the 2nd half...And a missed Pat!

I hope it comes back to bite em in the A$$

I guess stuff does happen to the Pats after all...

Ha. I hope we win by one point just to anger Darth Hoodie.

If we can avoid any costly mistakes we can win this.

Can someone hit Brady. He was running at first before throwing. Freaking hit him

Did we get away with a hold at the backfield?

Flowers is a problem.

I'm sorry but 2nd and 10 you can't just run the ball up the middle

Knew it was going to Gronk before they even snapped the ball

Sean Davis... poor Sean Davis...

They are gonna ride gronk huh lol

GOd I hate Gronkowski

Gotta take Gronks knees out...


Yes! Yes! Yes!

eat that 2005 stat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop these suckas


**** you, Brady. Punk. Hell of a catch VW!

Is Nantz or Romo gonna swallow, or will they share? They are sickening.


Right down the throat!!!!!!


Go for 2....make it a 2 score game

Let's hope Brady gets frustrated now.

Brady flustered?

My vote for season "MVP of players you wouldn't expect to be MVP" is currently going to Mike Hilton.

Surprised they just dont throw to Gronk every play

Still can’t stop gronk. Double him

Damn need to jump on those throws to Gronkowski l!

Come on, defense! Cover Gronkowski and get a damn stop!


Keep hitting him! Keep hitting him!


Eat turf B*tch

Pats will be stacking the line. A playaction deep to Martavis could be gold here.

Brady is a jerk, so is Phillip Rivers. When the Chargers face the Chiefs, can it be referred to a a jerk off? Sorry, I had to do it.
In reality, I think Rivers may actually be a bigger punk than Brady. Not by much, though.

Note to Goodell: These games go fast when they keep the flags off the field.

Cant give em the ball back right away

Anyone else pacing the floor like a crack head? It’s crazy what these games do to me!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

That is a man who wants that #1 seed! No fear run there!

Of course, there is a penalty to ruin this drive.

Here we go ref time

Are pats getting penalties?

Refs suck

Damn it. That's a potential drive killing penalty

So basically, if you tackle a player after the ball is dead, or grab a guy by the neck, that's fine as along as your a Patriot. Got it.

Here the Steelers go, shooting themselves in the foot. Damn.

Oh well, whats another 5 yards.... ugh

Screwing up at the worst time

Throw the damn ball! 2nd and 23!

Why the **** are you running a draw with fitz

Turtle ball is dumb with that much time lol

Well that was a steaming pile of poop

Haley trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Won’t beat the Patriots with those mistakes. Expect a response from New England here.

Wow! Just wow! 2nd and 23 and you don’t try to get anything back?!

Wasted drive. Will come back to bite us.

This is how the Patriots are where they are!

Here goes Brady

We look pretty good the entire game but with 5-6 minutes left in the fourth quarter here comes Brady and the Pats like usual.

We dodged a massive bullet on that Burns was burnt

Yeah, I can see that. Dang

Artie Burns needs to be sit down

I stand corrected...BS call

Bullhit penalty. No way is that called on New England.

Bad call there was no hold! It was hand fighting on both!

omg Burns made a play, CTE and all

Wow WR got away with hands to the face of Burns!

Frickin patriots. Crying for no reason every play.

Dang it’s about time we put some more pressure on Tom Brady




Smothered that B####! Love it!

Besides the doubters who thought this would be over by half. Isn't this exactly where you expected this game to be? Close at the end! Lets go Steelers!!

2 first downs and the game is over.

Not liking this at all. Brady’s going to get the ball back with more than 2:00 left to rub our noses in ****. Wonderful.

Not good

I mean come on throw the ball past the f*cking first downline

Ugh. Can't let Brady have the ball back.

We are in trouble.

Brady with the ball to win it.

That drop int is going to kill us.

Cmon you have to pick that

We're in trouble now

Steelers have no defense against Gronk at all.

How in the heck do you drop that interception that is the dang game

They are seriously the luckiest sobs in the world

Instead it’s a 30 yard 40 yard pass completion the freaking Gronk

Football gods hate Steelers fans. We just can’t have it easy

Unbelievable. The only thing that moron Gronk will ever do at a high level his whole life, and he has to play with Brady.

Oh well, the #1 seed is overrated anyway.

We are really choking it up in the last five minutes of this game. We’ve got to play better.

WE had it and blew it

Well, well, well............GUESS WHO.

Gronk again..anyone surprised?


Well ladies and gents I think this might be the end of the game

Hurry up and score now.

How does a man that big catch that ball?

Steelers should let them score on this play

That absolutely SUCKED.

Once more Ben is Brady's *****.

I’m so sick right now. The defense didn’t even try against Gronk. So sick.

Dumbest D ever. Who didn't see that coming? Honest question.

Is Mike Tomlin stupid? Not kidding. Why wouldn’t you double Gronk?

Well we just completely f*cked our season

I hate these ****ers so much.

And I repeat: I really hate Gronkowski.

So stupid. You know it’s coming and you still can’t stop him

How about a mother ****in taunting penalty he pointed at Davis and then acted like a jerk off...but lay us ..refs cost us again....no holds all game PI penalties....block in the back. What e,se

I just can’t believe how everything always goes the ****ing patriots way

CHOO CHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JU JU!!!!


It’s official. I gotta puke


BANG BANG Jesse James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HUGE extra point attempt here. C'mon Boz.

They might overturn that. It came loose as he hit the ground.


Waiting for the refs to f*ck this up.

They are gonna screw us

My neighbors are probably calling the cops right now. So much screaming in this house.

They’re taking this away...

Not sure what there is to review here. It's a touchdown.

They’re going to overturn this. Dez Bryant 2.0.

Oh come on man, you can't call that back.

His hand is still under the ball. It's moving shouldn't matter.

he tucked it in, then extended it wtf

Wow. BS. Omg. Biased.

Those miserable ****ers, put it at the 1 then.


Play should be over when you break the plane.. but what do I know

Wow. Oh my gosh. The NFL is trash. Steelers won this one.

Just....what....I don't even know

Ben just wow..... Dumb!!!!!

Gambled away the season on one play.

Great play Ben, throw the ball in bounds

Ah. That wasn't how it was meant to end.

Sickening. Let's go burn some stuff.

I mean Jesus ****ing Christ, the DB was holding his ****ing arm back. THROW A ****ING FLAG.

That's the worst thing ive ever seen

Jesse James caught the ball, tucked it in towards his body then extends it to the goaline, how is that not possession or a catch???????

I want a congressional inquiry into the officiating. Complete nonsense. They didn't even TRY to hide the fact that they were in the bag for NE.

Steelers had it and let it slip away........SHAME, they are STILL Brady's *****.


How is grabbing the WR jersey not a god damn penalty when you're a Patriot???

**** you Gronk, you piece of ****. Duh, duh, duh,dh. Dumber than a box of hammers.

Well the better team didn't win. I hope we see these POS again

I truly can’t believe that. The NFL is truly for the Pats. We completely outplayed them. Brady was just decent tonight and just wow.

I'm out for a bit guys gonna need to absorb this

That is the biggest highway robbery bull**** I’ve ever seen in my entire life watching the ****ing NFL

They could play this team 500 times and they would never beat them.

As big a mental blunder as Falcons in S.B.

I am absolutely beside myself here... I cannot believe that actually happen.

Typical scam win by the Evil Empire.

That was a joke. No wonder so many people are disgusted with this product. That was a TD, and the got jobbed on a no pi call when Rogers got shoved in the back on that pick.

Feels fake. They were gonna do whatever it took to let the cheatriots win

It is not the end of the season. If they had lost a playoff game this way I would be committing homicide right now.

Screw the refs and screw the scoreboard, we beat those punks today.

Biggest screw job of the year. Worse than the jets.

God I hope Gronk gets CTE sooner than later. I hate that ****ing idiot and his half assed Dolph Lungren act.

I know everyone is upset about the call with Jesse James but it was the right call. I don't like the rule but based on the rules it was the right call.

As soon as I saw the ball move, I knew it would be overturned. It's like the Dez Bryant playoff catch a few years ago against Green Bay.

I am devastated. I live in Massachusetts and this fn sucks.

For me its simple. Caught ball, went to a knee, wasnt touched. Ball breaks plan. Play over. Touchdown. I am about over this league

Guys, just stop. It was the right call. It makes me sick and I'm still sitting here, stunned, but it was the right call.

This bull**** of what constitutes a catch and what doesn't, the way punishments are handed out and to whom as to the severity, the rules about headshots...and this league wonders why it is hemorrhaging fans? Is this some sour grapes on my part? Sure, a little. But how many honest NE fans will sit there and say they truly deserved to win that game, and do so with a straight face?

I really can’t believe that call. We outplayed them and still lost. No AB, we run it down their throat, Ben outplays Brady and defense was relatively decent. Man. We better get them in the playoffs, we will whoop their ass. I’m confident as heck now.

That's the dumbest rule in the league! The freaking catch is completed when you freaking CATCH THE BALL!!!!!

NFL, those refs and anyone who says it's not a TD can eat **** and die. **** them and **** them some more!!!

If there really is karma in this world the Steelers win out while the Bills figure out some way to win next week in Foxboro.

The rule sucks but as it is written the receiver has to maintain possession all the way to the ground. As soon as I saw the replay I knew it would be called back. I hate the call but per the rule it was prob the correct call. That 4th and fake spke play was brutal.. Ben needs to not let the moment get h better of him and just play for OT.

So angry and disappointed I`m not even close to being able to sleep and it`s 3:35 am.

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