Tre'Davious White wanted a harsher punishment for Rob Gronkowski

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This story isn't even a week old and I feel like I've talked about it more than I talked about Deflategate in two-plus years. It just won't go away.

But anyway, Tre'Davious White isn't happy with Rob Gronkowski's suspension (shocking) and called it a joke.

However, White is thankful his injuries sustained from a dirty hit by Gronk weren't as bad as he thought.

"My life is way more important than football," White said. "I have a son to raise. I'm down there with my back turned, head to the ground and somebody sneaks me. He could have broke my neck. He could have paralyzed me. Nobody thinks about that. They think about football. At the end of the day, if football ends today or tomorrow, I'll be fine. As long as I'm able to walk and raise my son and do the things that I want to do."

White said he has no plans to talk to Gronk any time soon and also wouldn't elaborate on a text he sent to Ryan Clark saying "the whole hood want 'em." While he isn't giving much away, the Patriots and Gronkowski better be careful when the Bills come to Foxboro in a couple weeks, as it looks like Gronk is going to be public enemy No. 1 for these guys.

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