Patriots on why they don’t talk trash: Bill Belichick ‘signs my checks’

John David Mercer | USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots like to keep the drama aside and let their play do the talking.

That’s just the way it goes under head coach Bill Belichick.

The mastermind behind one of the most successful franchises in the last two decades likes to keep his players disciplined and focused on what really matters - and that’s winning championships.

In recent news of the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, declaring that Jacksonville will win the Super Bowl, several reporters have continuously tried to get a response out of members of the Patriots, but it just doesn’t work.

When asked why they never respond to trash talk or say anything controversial, the reasoning, says Danny Amendola, is that Bill Belichick “signs my checks.”

Take, for instance, this short and simple exchange with the wide receiver.

Q: Why does the buttoned-down approach work for you guys?

Amendola: “That’s what we’re coached to do. So we listen to him.”

Q: Do you ever get tempted to want to say something?

Amendola: “Of course.”

Q: Why don’t you? What makes you stop?

Amendola: “Because (Belichick) signs my checks. So that’s it.”

It’s really just a sign of respect and high regard for their coach and organization.

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