Tom Brady misses practice with injury to throwing hand

Matt West
Tommy  banged his hand at practice on Wednesday, and was limited for the rest of the day. He had X-rays. There was no damage. He did not participate in practice today, and was spotted wearing a glove on his throwing hand (which he hates) during warm ups.


Listen to me and listen good. I respect what the Jags have put together this season. Calais Campbell (from? THE U) should win defensive player of the year. Their defense terrifies me. I saw some ruthless stat that said something like the last 8 times the Pats have played a top 2 defense the defense has won 7 of them.

So believe me I'm not looking past these guys. But everybody CALM DOWN.

We've got reporters asking Hoyer if he feels ready to go, for crying out loud. Tommy's hand is fine. If you believe unconfirmed reports, and I do, Tommy broke his hand months ago. It's better now. Even if he did whack it at practice, which I doubt, it was a non issue. They were just making sure it's ok from the previous break.

He might practice tomorrow, he might not. It does not matter. The guy doesn't have to practice again for the next five years and he wont miss a beat. The only reason he does practice is because he is a leader of men and the most competitive man on earth. If he isn't beating the 20 year olds to the gym in the morning than what's the point of being alive?

If we struggle against the Jags on Sunday its because they have a great defense, our line doesn't protect, and our wideouts can't get separation quickly enough. It will have nothing to do with the most important right hand in the known universe.

We've got enough on our plate to worry about without this taking up brain space. So get into your zen state and let's get Sunday here already.