Patriots to get some bodies back this week

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images
It's about F-ing time! As it goes every year, per my 'why are we so hurt' think piece, Patriots players have been dropping like flies. The big ones I can swallow. They suck. But it happens to every team. I shed a tear when Jules tore his acl. But I know Dolphins fans felt that pain when Tan-man tore his in the preseason as well. The list of big injuries like that is long but distinguished, just like my Johnson.

It's the smaller injuries that drive me INSANE. You see a guy pick up a knock during a game. He hobbles to the sideline under his own power. He disappears into the blue tent for a few minutes, then pops out. He's listed as questionable to return. Or he might even play another snap or two. You think all is good. Then next Wednesday he's not spotted at practice with an "ankle." You think maaaaaybe he misses one week but probably not even that. Cut to 4 weeks later and he's on IR. How many times have we seen that story play out??

Marcus Cannon was a gut punch of the above variety. I was starting to fear the same for the likes of Alan Branch, Hoags, Burk, and Gilly. Well I'm happy to report that all four practiced today!! That doesn't mean they will definitely play, but it kind of does. Well maybe not Gilly if all the other backs are active, but I don't care. I just want all our weapons healthy. Even Money Mitch was on the field. Boy did we need that bye week. If you give us our toys back I think we are going to have a lot of fun playing in the yard this month.

Branch is a big addition this week in particular because the Titans bring 6'9" 299lb (numbers approx) running back Derek Henry to town and he is no joke. I wish Branch was playing anywhere near his 2016 level before his knee injury, but I'm willing to let the past be the past. Branch is 350 pounds and we're going to need damn near every one of them to plug gaps. I'll take an 80 % effort Alan Branch if it keeps Ricky Jean Francois off the field in the yoffs thank you very much.