Here are some crazy postseason facts about Tom Brady

Jim Rogash | Getty Images

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are preparing for, yet another postseason run, and it’s hard to believe the accomplishments they have achieved over the years.

Although the team has been in this position many times before, Brady explained that they never take it for granted.

“It’s hard to get to this point,” Brady said. “You do all the meetings and walk-throughs, and March, April, May, June try to work out and be prepared for the season, and you get through it and you make it through a whole season and have a chance to compete with everything at stake.”

“It’s pretty cool for all of us. I’m sure everyone will be excited for Saturday night. It’s going to be a great experience. I know the fans will be into it. We’ll be into it. Hopefully, we can go out and play well.”

Playing well is what Brady and the Patriots pride themselves on. ESPN’s Mike Reiss compiled a list of some pretty impressive “Tom Brady Postseason Facts,” and here are some of our favorites.

1) No. 12’s 63 postseason touchdown passes is the most ever, and he hopes to keep adding to that total starting on Saturday. Brady sits high above the charts on this one with 63, while Joe Montana has 45, Brett Favre has 44, Peyton Manning has 40 and Aaron Rodgers has 36.

2) Brady is the all-time leader in postseason passing yards with 9,094. Peyton Manning is second in line with 7,339.

3) TB12 has 34 playoff starts, which is the most by a quarterback or any player in NFL history.

4) His 25 playoff wins are the most by a starting quarterback. Joe Montana is next in line with 16.

5) Brady’s five Super Bowl championships are the most ever by a quarterback. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are tied for second with four each.

For more details and to see the rest of the list. Click here.

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