Ring Envy - What Jets Fans Said - 12/31

Seeing as the Jets have long been out of the race, Jets fans understandingly unexcited for their team's final game. It went the way you'd expect - a Patriots blowout at home. After a while, Jets fans stopped screaming about Todd Bowles and seemed more focused on their New Years Eve plans.

Bryce Petty vs Tom Brady. It will be Bowles fault if we lose.

This game should be dubbed the "We'll see" bowl.

The Jetsiest this game can go would be Petty is in there most of the game, plays terrible and the Jets get blown out. Then Hack gets in there and shows promise but the clock runs out on the season. Extending Macc and Bowles before an ugly blowout loss in which Hack showed promise but was only given a minimal chance (and won't get another until training camp) would be classic Jets.

I think we see Brian Hoyer start the 3rd quarter. He def will want some Gronk love and may lay 24 2nd half points on us.

When will Bowles start this week's surrender? I'm guessing mid-3rd quarter.

Belichick could win this game if he had Petty's sister playiny QB for his team.

And thus ends yet another ignominious and lamentable year of NY Jets football.

Can't figure out which team I hate more right now.

Last game of the disastrous 2017 season and its against the Patriots and on New Years Eve no less hope for the best expect the worst.

This is tough, Jets very badly need to lose this game, could swing from pick 5 to 8 I think? Min the other hand I hate the damn pats so much that I would love to stop them getting home field.


Just found out the Jets game is on local tv in my area . I am so pumped and I hope we beat them today by 14. We are not going to draft a QB in the first round because Mike doesn't do that AND he got rewarded with an extension despite his horrible drafting. So let's all root for the Jets to beat the cheaters and deal with the future or lack thereof later.

All I want from this game is to see Tom carted off.

I had something witty and insightful to add to this thread....but **** it. Who cares.

We play Hack the second half, an errant pass concusses Bellicheat. With Bill hospitalized 2 weeks the Pats are eliminated.

I would love to see some trick plays. Maybe try to win the game. Go Jets!!!!

I just want to see them make Brady & CO work for it for the whole game. I no illusions about them winning but I would love to see them make BB keep the starters in for most if not all of the game.

Get ready for more Jets fans whining! Despite the fact that they have no chance in hell to win this game

makes me mad every time I see the Patriots stadium. This is what they should have built for the Jets .. in NY

Corners playing trash

Lucky Hackenberg might get his first ever NFL snaps today ... in a subzero arctic freeze hell-over where he can't feel his fingers.

Bowles would never have the balls to go for it like that

Burris is ******* TRASH

We need a defensive minded HC. Oh wait.

Just turned the game on. Are we trailing yet?

Maye ALLLLMOOOSST saves that from being a TD. Good effort but man..this D is garbage today.

Worst thing about today - nut-hugging homer Nantzy boy calling his Cheaters final game of the reg season.

Todd Bowles is supposed to be a defensive guru. And his defense year in and year out doesn’t get any better. Deserve that extension though!

The Swiss cheese defense didn’t work very well maybe they should switch it up.

The Pats need a win vs the Jets to clinch home field advantage. Did you think the game would start off any different?

Our QB can’t even get his helmet on. Lol

Matt Patricia eats paste.

Lets run the ball into the line twice, attempt a short pass and punt...

so you get stopped at the 10...then let yourselves lose 5 more?

I like the strategy here. Force the Pats offense back on the field so they can't warm up on the sideline

yup, run run then obvious passing and the pats will be jumping all short routes. What a disservice to a qb that game plan.

Run, run, 3rd and 14 dump off for ...nah, run. BLESSED WITH TODD BOLWES. WHY HAVE A FREAKING HEAD COACH, NANCY PUSSY ZERO.

Next series, quick kick on 3rd, THEY'LL NEVER SUSPECT IT.


I remember in the 80s they tried that Jets Dolphins game with no announcers I wish they tried again today

PI. Will Brady have an incompletion today?

I’d love to see Brady get injured.

Is there a mercy rule on local tv coverage where they switch to another game? Like if they losing 62-0 by the half, maybe we can all call in to have cbs put on a real NFL game.

Brady and the Pats hate the Jets, they love nothing more then embarrassing this team. Problem is they have been doing it for over a decade.

At the bar watching the Jets on one screen while Kirk Cousins struggling against a Giants defense that’s already quit. It’s a nice glimpse into the future.

Playing for a FG attempt. Losing mentality

2nd and 18 so lets go to a big formation SMH

they KNOW we are running on 2nd and long you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAOOOOOOO a screen play? And Petty doesn’t even throw it right

The very second we got into FG range it was 'play for a fg'

Well at least now we don't have to kick a fg to avoid the shutout when down by 45 later in the game.

No better way to show confidence in your young QB than by following up two nice pass plays with three straight handoffs and a 3rd and 20.

We got 3 so I guess cbs stays with this game the entire haul.

Pats have to be best cold weather team since Lombardi’s Packers.

These runs are getting pretty pathetic...look you ******* losers..why are you so afraid of interceptions???? You are going to lose anyway asshats.

Oh, I know. We're lulling them to sleep so we can get Hack out there in the third and pass it all over the field. Duh.

We can see where this is going. Jets will hang around for 2-3 quarters than collapse because their offense can do nothing

If we are going to lose anyway, let’s take out as many of the Pats starters as we can. Would love to see us knock Brady for the rest of the season. With a little luck it would be the start of her demise

Who is Neil sterling?

I honestly think I have never seen a back to back pass play in my life....

This team can be so bloody dumb, it is amazing,.

We tricked us

Well, if the pylon played receiver for the Jets, that woulda been a TD.

martin would have made that one from 50 yards in the rain.

Can we get a QB! PLEASE! Give your players a CHANCE! McGuire was open at least throw it where he has a chance!

Romos not bad....Jim Nantz on the other hand.....holy **** bro. At least pretend to not be openly rooting for the Pats..

brady is in scared mode now after taking that hit

Brady is such a pu***

this color announcer sucks The Jets get lucky on a shovel pass but brady does ohh it is incomplete. f%^k man just call it even I hate the bias it is insulting

Bellicheat hasn't had Gronk targeted once. So he is saving Kraft money and still thinks he can beat the Jets without using him.

I can’t imagine a worse fate for a QB than being drafted by the New York Jets.

McGuire advising our QB how to QB.

Hack is either the worst QB in the NFL or Bowels caught him ATMing his daughter. There’s no other reason for Petty or Maguire to be playing.

Burris is ******* bum man. **** outta here you POS

I’d really like to see a hellacious cheap shot on Brady.

what a chinzty call the type they always get and we never get.

******* Christ this team looks like they never practice.

Follow the bouncing ball Adams, not your teammates head.

One thing is for sure today. We may be getting outplayed and outscored, but we are not getting outleadered and outefforted. And that's what really matters.

Pats are getting pissed. Petty’s going to get hurt. He hasn’t learned how to take sack or throw the ball away. This is what happens when you’re playing scrabble on the sidelines with Hack all year long.

look at this another flag......

Skrine can't even play one hand touch.

Alright down 21-3 with 20 secs left and 2 timeouts before the half. Lets sit on it and be happy to only be down 18!

how was not that not a flag on brady with a hands to the face on the block they wont even show that play because that was a clear flag on the cheators

Guys - were only on pace to lose 42-6, which, if you consider we haven’t even started the Diamond Rewards Rebuild, is a huge win.

Bowles has got the team playing disciplined agressive football, this is why he got extended. Normally we would be down by 35, nope just 18. Bowles rocks!!!!!!

Like 100% chance Belichick is trolling NY by having the stadium blast Bon Jovi right?

What a bunch of miserable sandy cunts around here.

Sandy Cunts was my prom date

I was friends with her brother Mike.

That lady with the raisin on her face says hack will not play.

Pats run the same play and the closest defenders would be 10 yards past the first down marker

Over under on the Pats's second half? 28? The Washington Generals look like they are ready for NYE partying tonight.

A flag against the patriots, fire all them idiot referee. what’s wrong with them, didn’t they get the memo Pats are perfect and should never have flags thrown against them.

So they just let the mother****er low hit our QB like rules don’t even exist???

This game, these announcers, this team, and this sport has gone from the absurd to the completely ******* retarded.



By far worst decision Bowles has made all year. Petty isn't going to be on the mother ******* team next year! Hack is.

I dont believe it! A call against Tom! How dare they?

Bellicheat is mad up 3 TDs, Bowles is a catatonic cigar store Indian frozen in place.

Field goal? Lolololololololololol

Field goal! Go team!

Why a FG? What does this do? Go for it

Hate my coach. Hate my team. Hate you guys. Hate my life. ARGGGGGGXJDHCHEJCHDNDBJD

TDs are over rated

Send whatever money we can at JG, we need an actual QB.

Can these morons not see that the COACHES GIVE UP ON THE GAME!.

That mole.

HA HA HA, THEY just switched from the jets game to the pitt game where i am

Why do they keep cutting to this chick to tell us it's cold? Just let her go inside

AAhahahahahaha CBS switched the Jets to the Browns game..wow..new lows boys...new lows

Fitting end to a miserable season.

And that safety pretty much sums up the year, pathetic

Did anyone doubt the safety was gonna happen?

Hoyer throwing bombs, Bellicheat still hates the Jets.

**** you, CBS. I hung in all season long and you’re going to deny me my last six minutes of misery?!!? Mother****ers.

7 years, no playoffs, 5-11 2 years running.

I genuinely have no interest in football as long as this clown is our Head Coach. Congratulations Todd. You've managed to kill something in me that not even Rex could.

The jets have become NFL Siberia

Happy f*cking New Year. Might be a long time before I care enough to come here and talk football. The Jets are officially my new Knicks.

Golf channel is showing re-runs!

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