Steelers' Mike Mitchell is focusing on the Patriots even though the match up isn't official yet

Ron Schwane/AP

I swear the Steelers never learn.

How many times have we heard them talk about the Patriots when they've got nothing to do with the opponent they're playing?

Well, it happened again. Veteran safety Mike Mitchell pretty much guaranteed not only will Pittsburgh see the Patriots again, he guaranteed a victory.

Bleacher Report:

In an interview with The MMQB's Greg Bishop, Mitchell said, "We're going to play [the Patriots] again. We can play them in hell, we can play them in Haiti, we can play them in New England. ...  We're gonna win."

Hey Mike, not sure if you know, but you're playing a Jaguars team this weekend who made you look like the Browns earlier this season. Remember letting up 30 points against them? What about Big Ben's five interception? Scoring nine points ring a bell? No? Hm, that's strange. I'd thought you'd remember one of your worst losses of the year.

But you'll still probably win this game anyway. Even so, do you really wanna give the underdog extra motivation? That is...uh...not smart. It's fine for fans to look ahead and discredit an opponent. We're doing that with the Titans. But a player doing it is just bad form, whether that's fair or not.

It is also truly hysterical to me how much the Pats are in Pittsburgh's heads. It's like continually running into an ex-girlfriend you haven't gotten over. You can't get back with her. There's no chance of it ever happening.

That's what has happened to the Steelers in the past, and that's what will continue to happen if they keep saying stupid shit like this.

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