A couple of notorious Patriot-hating writers are pissed at Josh McDaniels

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Josh McDaniels is getting shredded by bitter sports writers and people with gigantic Twitter muscles left and right. Quite honestly, it's hysterical.

Let's start with Gregg Doyel. Remember him? One of those rednecks from Indy who was all over the Patriots for Deflategate, better known as the most notable thing to happen to the Colts since Big Toe Manning won them a Super Bowl in 2006 by beating Rex effing Grossman.

Doyel tried to rationalize McDaniels' decision to stay with the Patriots by saying the Colts were better off without him.

Indy Star:

Imagine, knowing what we know right now, infecting this franchise with that fraud. And make no mistake: He's one of the biggest frauds in the NFL. He confirmed it Tuesday night. After agreeing three weeks ago to terms with the Colts to become their next coach, after hiring multiple members of his coaching staff, after arranging to fly Wednesday morning from Boston to Indianapolis on Jim Irsay’s jet to be introduced at an afternoon news conference, Josh McDaniels backed out.

One of the biggest frauds in the NFL seems like a stretch. I am in no way trying to justify McDaniels' ditching the Colts at the last second. What he did is shitty and definitely won't help him if he were to ever look for a head coaching job in the future. But then again, I don't think I'd want to work for a pill-snorting owner who's more concerned with banging hookers and buying Beatles merchandise than running a football team.

Doyel also insinuated McDaniels thinks he's too good to coach the Colts because this is how terrible smear campaigns work.

Imagine that. The ultimate daddy’s boy, born on third base and believing he hit a triple, thinks he’s too good to coach the Colts. Handed his first coaching job when Daddy – a big-time high school coach in Ohio – called Nick Saban to get Josh onto Saban’s staff at Michigan State, McDaniels has never been big into self-awareness. “Hurricane Josh,” they called him in Denver when he blew into town in 2009 as coach of the Denver Broncos and carried himself with the gravitas of a Super Bowl winner, which Bill Belichick was, and not as a rookie coach who hadn’t done anything on his own ...

I'm not sure why McDaniels ever considered leaving New England in the first place. Ask yourself this: would you rather work with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and be in contention for titles every year or go to a team with a dysfunctional front office and a quarterback who has lingering shoulder problems and may never be the same? I get wanting to try your hand at being a head coach again, Josh, but come on. This one is so easy.

The best part of all this is that Doyel isn't the only one to rip McDaniels this much.

Enter Manish Mehta.

The New York Daily News columnist who always has a bone to pick with the Patriots even on the slowest of news days, said a lot of the same things Doyel said about McDaniels being a jackass, except he took it a step further and said this whole ordeal is why hate the Patriots as if it's the team's fault.

McDaniels' decision to give a middle finger to the Colts after an agreement to become their next leader is the latest reason why so many people hate The Evil Empire. While the Patriots' sustainable success should be lauded, these mickey-mouse shenanigans deserve to be carved up like deli meat. It's a wonder how McDaniels could look his selfish self in the mirror Wednesday.

Here's what I'm dying to know - what exactly did the Patriots do wrong here? They allowed McDaniels to interview with the Colts, he accepted the job, and then he didn't. That's on no one but him. They didn't force him to stay.

And if you try to blame Bill Belichick or Robert Kraft for trying to get McDaniels to stay, spare me your logic. If he was dead set on becoming the Colts' head coach, he would have turned down whatever Belichick and/or Kraft was offering.

It's being reported that McDaniels is going to have long-term stability with the Patriots, which sounds like he might end up becoming the next head coach of the team once Belichick decides to retire. And there is obviously no guarantee he would have had that in Indy with Jim Irsay.

Again, does McDaniels deserve to be criticized? Absolutely. But blaming the Patriots is ridiculous and the people who are the same people who push idiotic narratives about them any chance they get.

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