Kraft, Belichick and Brady will meet this week to discuss a wide range of topics including the quarterback’s contract

Maddie Meyer | Getty Images

It’s “on to 2018” for the New England Patriots’ organization.

While it’s always going to sting a little, players, coaches, staff members and fans have had a few days to simmer down from the Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles – and it’s time to move on.

That’s why - according to NFL Networks’ Ian Rapoport – team owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady will all meet this week to discuss a wide range of topics and to get on track for next season.

Here’s what is believed to be on the agenda for the three of them: what to do about Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero, getting over the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and Brady’s contract (with potential to sign an extension).

Brady has two more years on his contract with base salaries of $14 million each season, so the team would probably want to convert his base salary into a signing bonus and add a couple season to reduce Brady’s cap hit.

There’s a lot of ways Brady’s contract situation could play out, but this meeting between the three of them is much needed so they can evaluate their futures and get ready for the next season.

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