Rodney Harrison asked Bill Belichick how much longer he wants to coach for; BB says “There’s no quarterback I’d rather have on my team than Tom Brady”

Matthew J. Lee | The Boston Globe

Eighteen years strong, the duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady continue to set the bar for the NFL.

Of course, when you’re together that long and have that much success, there are going to be some doubters, skeptics and challengers to what you’ve accomplished.

But throughout the week, in Super Bowl LII news conferences, the New England Patriots’ coach and quarterback combo offered high praise for each other and showed that no “reported” drama or turmoil will come between what they have experienced and what their main focus is: more championships.

“There’s no quarterback I’d rather have on my team than Tom Brady. I’m glad I have him,” Belichick said on Thursday.

Brady offered a similar compliment earlier in the week. “I’ve been blessed to be drafted to this team and to play for the best coach in the history of football, and to play for the best organization.”

As for how many more years the two of them have left, no one really knows the answer.

But former Patriots’ safety Rodney Harrison, who now works for NBC, recently shared his thoughts on Belichick’s timeline and his and Brady’s relationship.

When asked about Belichick’s future, Harrison said, “I asked him that question at the beginning of the year and he said, ‘I’m feeling pretty good.’ But my thing is that maybe he’s staying there to firmly entrench his kids, his boys in that organization. And once his sons get firmly entrenched in that organization, maybe he walks away in a few years.”

Steve Belichick is currently the team’s safeties coach and finishing up his sixth year with the organization. Bill’s other son, Brian, is finishing his first year as a coach. Brian spent last season with the scouting department.

And as for any rumored disturbance among the Patriots’ organization, Harrison just rolled his eyes and offered a simple explanation.

“It happens when you’re in a long-term relationship,” he said. “The thing about those guys is they respect one another. And Belichick knows how to push Tom Brady more so than anybody. So, it’s a healthy, respectful relationship.”

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