Patriots reportedly tried to stop Mark Daniels from writing a feature on Gronk's TB12 diet

Winslow Towson/USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gronkowski adopted the TB12 Method last season and the Patriots probably weren't thrilled about it.

Given the team's rocky relationship with Alex Guerrero, who along with Tom Brady is responsible for this method, and their disdain for the number of players who have trained with him recently, they probably don't want a lot of news coming about that subject.

However, since Gronk is one of the more high-profile players to take on the task of eating Avocado ice cream and doing pliability workouts, you could understand why the media would want to report on it.

Enter Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. Daniels was working on writing a feature story about Gronk's new diet and training regimen when the Patriots came to him and said he couldn't write it due to a team policy that claims players are not allowed to talk about their workouts or diet.

Daniels and Gronk were miffed by this and Gronk reportedly really wanted to talk about it. Daniels was still able to publish the story the week of the AFC Championship Game in January.

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