The Chiefs reportedly called every NFL team regarding Marcus Peters

Ed Zurga/AP

The Chiefs really wanted to get rid of Marcus Peters.

So much so that before trading him to the Los Angeles Rams, they reportedly asked every single team in the NFL if they'd be willing to trade for him.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports Peters could have been had for what the Rams gave up, which was a fourth-round pick in this year's draft and a second-round pick in 2019. Peters is known as a head case despite being a very good player.

If King's report is correct, then Kansas City definitely called the Patriots at some point in time. It hasn't been uncommon for the Patriots to bring in players with big egos only to see it play out in their favor, save for one or two exceptions.

But because they passed up the chance to acquire Peters, the Patriots, like pretty much every other team in the league besides the Rams, must feel like Peters is too much of a loose cannon to have on their team.

And if Bill Belichick can't fix someone, nobody can.

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