Report: Here’s what Bill Belichick said to Malcolm Butler after the Super Bowl


Now that cornerback, Malcolm Butler, is officially “on to the Tennessee Titans,” he’s ready to move on from his New England Patriots past.

The veteran signed a five-year, $61 million contract with Tennessee earlier this week, and has since been a bit more revealing about his mysterious Super Bowl LII benching.

The Boston Herald posted a piece this week revealing Butler’s side of the story, in which he said he “never got a reason” as to why he sat out. It has also been revealed by SB Nation’s Thomas George, what Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick said to the star cornerback following the game.

“You’re a fighter and good luck in the future,” Belichick said.

“Thank you,” Butler replied.

And that was that. Short and simple. The circumstance is so touchy and bizarre, that there’s really not much else that could be said.

In Butler’s talk with George, he also reflected on his last season with New England.

“The last year was the toughest to deal with,” Butler said. “A lot of things were going on. A lot of stuff going on. I was almost traded. Having to prove myself when I felt like I had already proved myself.”

“I just rode the wave as long as I could. I was just going to see what was next.”

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