Update: The catch rule still sucks

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Yesterday I wrote about the NFL Competition Committee voting to change a couple of big things about the catch rule such as eliminating surviving the ground and slight bobbles of the football.

I was hopeful they'd get it right after reading that. It sure as hell sounded that way. But clearly, I am very naive.

This rule still sucks. Here's Al Riveron's explanation of what's to come:

Two feet down or another body part seems fairly cut and dry to me, but it's the other two factors in here that really make me scratch my head.

What do they consider control? It's really vague. What if a player catches the ball in the air but doesn't have the ball secure and then it comes out but has both feet down? Is that a catch now?

And what in the living hell does "or the ability to perform such an act" mean? Isn't that literally a rehash of the second bullet?

I'm so confused. The only thing that is nice is that it says nothing about surviving the ground anymore. But still, this is still tough to figure out.

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