We're (hopefully) going to get a new catch rule that makes sense

Barry Reegar

The NFL is about to maybe do something right for once.

NFL Vice President of football operations Troy Vincent announced that the competition committee members will meet to propose changes to the catch rule. Of the changes they want to make, eliminating "surviving the ground" and slight bobbles of the football are the two biggest.

This would mean that if something like the Jesse James play happened again, it would be ruled a touchdown. Same thing goes for the ultra-controversial Dez Bryant call in a playoff game against the Packers.

If this is approved, and it should be, thank God.

Even though the Patriots benefited from this more than once, the rule as it is now is stupid. That James play should have been a touchdown even though the rule says otherwise.

Additionally, Vincent said the league will scale back on catches made on the field that can be reviewed by replay, as that was a huge bone of contention from players to fans. This could also help in shortening games, which is something the NFL was looking to do.

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