Chris Hogan has bought into the TB12 Method

Jim Mahoney/AP

It seems as if more and more Patriots players are beginning to adopt the TB12 Method.

It started with Tom Brady (obviously) then it extended to Julian Edelman, Gronk and Dont'a Hightower. And now, wide receiver Chris Hogan has joined the avocado ice cream party. 

“I mean, it’s changed my career,” Hogan said. “It really has. I’ve really bought into what he talks about and pliability and keeping everything fresh, and it really has. I do it every single day — sometimes twice a day. I don’t think I could play without it anymore. It’s amazing.”

Added Hogan: “It’s stuff I never really thought about. Whatever I can do to get that recovery or that extra edge, that’s what I’m doing. During the season, nutrition is so huge. You can’t preach that enough at this level. I can’t go out there and just eat turkey sandwiches and hamburgers all day because that’s not going to make my body perform at the level that it can.”

It seems rather significant that Hogan got on board with Brady's regimen, seeing as he has been one of Brady's favorite targets since he arrived in New England in 2016. Hogan has caught 64 regular season passes from Brady and 26 in the playoffs.

With Hogan in the fold, along with Gronk and Edelman, it can only strengthen their on and off-the-field relationship with Brady.

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