In honor of Mother’s Day, Patriots coaches recall their most memorable life lessons learned from their mothers

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“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

“Family is everything.”

“Hard works pays off.”

Mothers teach us incredible life lessons all throughout our years. In honor of Mother’s Day this past weekend, New England Patriots’ coaches shared their most memorable lessons their mamas taught them while growing up.

From mental toughness to attention to detail, here’s what some of the coaches say are their favorite lessons learned from their mothers.
Steve Belichick (safeties): “I’ve learned a ton from my mother [Debby]; I’m definitely a momma’s boy. With my dad working a lot, I grew up very close with my mother. She always preached to me, the golden rule in our house was ‘Treat others as you want to be treated.’ It’s got me a long way. Hard to do sometimes, but I definitely appreciate it and love my mother for teaching me that.”
Brian Flores (linebackers): “My mother [Maria] is the toughest person I know. She’s battling cancer now. It’s like it doesn’t faze her at all; she just gets up every day and says ‘I’m beating this.’ She’s as tough as they come, and that’s the one thing I feel like I’ve taken from her, and has helped me in all walks of life -- personally, professionally.”
Josh Boyer (cornerbacks): “The main thing I learned from my mother [Rachelle] is hard work and her determination to do the right thing. My mother was 18 when she had me. She was working multiple jobs up to the day I was born. She put herself through college with two young kids. She graduated, and moved on to a management position, and always took my sister and me to all our sporting events. She was a great example of how hard work pays off.”

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