Lane Johnson is taking ridiculous shots at the Patriots again


Unlike the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles’ right tackle Lane Johnson is not “on to 2018.”

Johnson recently appeared on Steve Austin’s podcast and continued to take jabs at the Patriots – the team the Eagles beat in Super Bowl LII…over three months ago.

“Here’s what pissed me off,” Johnson said. “The Patriots, obviously, I respect their coach, I respect Bill [Belichick], I respect Tom Brady, but just because the way that they won the Super Bowls, the Patriot Way, is that how everybody else is supposed to do the same thing? No, it’s not. And that’s what I got mad at, the arrogance by them.”

“There was obviously some stuff behind closed doors. Their owner talking s--- to our owner. Bill talking s--- to our head coach [Doug Pederson] before the game. I’m not going to say it, but a lot of s--- kind of built up to that, and I just got tired of hearing about it, man, to be honest.”

Johnson’s smack talk stems back into last season’s playoffs when the Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. He started with calling Brady a “pretty boy” and said “there’s nothing I’d like to do more than dethrone that guy.”

Then the trash-talk went post-Super Bowl when the right tackle described the Patriots as a “fear-based organization” with players who “act like f---ing robots.”

And Johnson’s annoyance with New England apparently still continues to this day. But we know the Patriots, and we know that they “ignore the noise” to get the job done. This will only add fuel to the fire next season.

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