Tom Brady is a Bad singer

AP Photo

Hello, hello...HOLA! Tom Brady can't sing Vertigo!

Okay, I'm done with the bad U2 jokes, I promise. 

Anyway, Tom and Gisele went to go see Bono and Co. perform at TD Garden last night and he took a few videos of the show for his Instagram story in which he fails miserably (but hilariously) at singing some of the bands most popular hits, Vertigo and Pride (In The Name Of Love). 

I'm glad Tom and I have a couple things in common - we both like U2 and we both can't sing. And by the looks of it, I bet he definitely enjoyed himself. How could he not? It's fucking U2. But now I really wanna know what he's like at a concert. Seems like he'd be pretty cool to hang out with judging by the video.

Never change, Tom.

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