Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics crack Forbes' top 50 most valuable sports franchises list

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Forbes' annual top 50 most valuable sports franchises list features three of the four major professional sports teams in Boston.

The Patriots, the only NFL franchise other than the Dallas Cowboys to make the top 10 came in at No. 6 at $3.7 billion, while the Cowboys took the top spot at $4.8 billion.

The Red Sox were 19th at $2.8 billion, the fifth most valuable Major League Baseball franchise behind the Yankees, Dodgers, Giants and Cubs.

The Celtics were 27th, coming in at $2.5 billion. They were the fifth most valuable franchise in the NBA behind the Knicks, Lakers, Warriors and Bulls.

This list did not feature any NHL club, which means the Bruins were left off.

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