Terrell Owens calls Patriots cheaters and then backtracks a day later

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Terrell Owens continues to be one of the weirdest dudes ever.

After being adamant he can still play professional football and saying he's skipping his Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Canton, he's making headlines again for calling the Patriots "cheaters" and then dialing back on it.

Owens beat Sam Cassell (former Celtic!) in a game of one-on-one and Cassell jokingly said Owens cheated. Owens then responded with "you sound like the Patriots!"

Here's the full video:

The following day, TMZ caught up with T.O. and asked him about it, which is when he took it back.

Knowing how enigmatic Owens is, I have no idea if he means anything he says, including that he was joking. Maybe he's still a little salty that the Patriots didn't take a chance on him after he lobbied to join them a few years ago.

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