Eric Decker struggling with dropped passes at Patriots training camp

Charles Krupa/AP

Eric Decker has had an up-and-down start to his Patriots career, to say the least.

One of the issues for Decker at the moment is that he hasn't been able to fully grasp the Pats' playbook. Even though Decker played for Josh McDaniels when the two were in Denver, he might have overlooked the differences with the Patriots' offense compared to those Broncos teams.


"There's a little carry over. I thought there might be more They've changed things over the years. It's a learning curve," said Decker, who is entering his ninth year in the league. "There's a been a little carry over, but not a lot. It's a lot of study."

According to reports out of training camp, Decker has struggled mightily with dropped passes, which seemed to continue today. However, he bounced back nicely towards the end.

Because Decker is only guaranteed $75K, it's obviously not a given that he makes the team. Missing passes left and right certainly won't help his cause. Thankfully for him, though, there are still a few weeks of the preseason left, and he will have plenty of time to make a good impression.

Despite all of his recent shortcomings, teammate Chris Hogan doesn't seem worried. He believes Decker will be fine once he learns the basics of the offense.


“I think for a guy like him, once he starts to learn the offense a little bit — obviously he’s had a lot of success over his career, so he knows how to run routes, he knows how to get open, he knows how to catch the ball,” Hogan said of Decker.

“So, I think he brings that sort of experience to the whole room for anyone who needs questions about man-to-man routes or zone routes or whatever it is. I think Deck’s really coming in here and focusing on learning the offense, trying to go out there and do just job so he can play fast.”

Last season, Decker caught 54 passes for 563 yards and one touchdown for a Titans team that fell to the Patriots in the divisional round.

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