Gronk feels 100 times better than last preseason

Its been a long offseason for Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski. After a devastating loss in Super Bowl LII, Gronkowski was quick to say he was unsure whether he would be back for the 2018 season. Since finally committing to the team in April, his focus has been on playing football.

"I just love playing the game. I feel good right now. I definitely feel like 100 times better than I did last year during training camp," Gronkowski told reporters Tuesday. "When you're feeling good, you love playing the game. I feel good enough to where I thought I could come back, go throughout the whole season, go throughout camp and just keep playing the game and be enjoying it.

Granted, Gronk was coming off Back Vertebral Disc Hernia that he suffered on November 16th, 2016, which kept him out of his final 5 games including 2 playoff games and a Super Bowl win.

Gronk has had numerous injuries since being in the league, so what would be different this year? Gronk played in seventeen of nineteen games after joining forces with the TB12 method and Alex Guerrero a two off-seasons ago. Guerrero has done tremendous work with Tom Brady, which has allowed him to play longer than expected, considering the forty-one year old quarterback won the most valuable player award in the 2017 season, along with throwing for 500 yards.

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