Tom Brady will have incentives added to his contract

Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots will soon be adding incentives to Tom Brady's contract that will pay him $5 million should he reach them.

There is no word on what those incentives are at the moment, but a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter that the structure of the deal will be similar to what Rob Gronkowski received last summer.

Brady will make a base salary of $15 million this year, which would jump up to $20 million in a perfect world. That would put him in line with some of the higher paid quarterbacks in the league, according to Mike Reiss.

His average salary of $15 million ranks 22nd in the NFL, just behind the Cleveland Browns' Tyrod Taylor ($15.3 million) and the Cincinnati Bengals' Andy Dalton ($16 million), per the Roster Management System. The highest-paid quarterback is Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, who signed a deal worth $30 million per season.

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