Matthew Slater remembers Junior Seau

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Matthew Slater was very fond of Junior Seau; and after ESPN’s “30 for 30” episode of the former linebacker streamed on Thursday night on ESPN+, Slater recalled some memories of their playing days together.

“For a guy who accomplished so much over the course of his career, it seemed as though it didn’t change who he was,” Slater said. “He was just a kind, gentle soul, and I was very thankful to have our paths cross.”

“His passion for the game of football was unmatched. He loved this game.”

Slater’s memories of Seau span back to the linebacker’s playing days at USC.

“Growing up in Southern California, he was an icon,” Slater said. “And for me to have an opportunity to play with him early on in my career was very surreal. I think of Junior often. I think of the experience I had with him, so I’ll definitely have to check (the documentary) out.”

Another unique thing about their relationship is that Seau played against Slater’s father, Jackie, while he was with the Los Angeles Rams.

“I came up (to Seau on his first day with the Patriots),” he said. “Mr. Seau, I’m Matthew Slater.’ And he was like, ‘Hey, buddy, how’re you doing? How’s your dad doing?’ It’s pretty crazy to think that he played against my dad and then I played with him. But, man, it’s something that I’ll never forget.”

Seau committed suicide in 2012, and doctors later said that he suffered from CTE.

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