Patriots lineman acknowledge the need to play better


There have been several issues with the Patriots so far this season, but a lot of it really comes down to just locking in and playing good fundamental football. With little signs of pressure on opposing quarterbacks and allowing the Detroit Lions their first 100 yard running game since 2013, the lineman on both sides of the ball need some work.

So far, the offense has proven capable of moving the ball in spurts, but struggles in the short yardage game. With a now depleted running back group, the offense will heavily rely on rookie Sony Michel to carry the load for the ground game. Michel's knee injury that made him miss most of camp certainly hasn't helped, but with a higher workload, hopefully him and the lineman protecting him can get into a solid rhythm.

As for the defense, I am fully aware of the injuries to Trey Flowers, Patrick Chung and Eric Rowe, so I can cut a little slack but so far they have had no solid answer to any opposing teams' run game.

Both Danny Shelton and Malcolm Brown are very aware of their struggles and are working through hours of film to figure it out.

"I take it as a personal challenge every week when we play the game," Brown said. "Every down I play the run I take it as a personal challenge."

In typical Patriots fashion, the general consensus from the group is that they just need to buckle down and play some good fundamental football.

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