Ring Envy - What Texans Fans Said - 9/9

With a new football season comes the return of 31 other salty fan bases. I know you all enjoy drinking the tears of the less fortunate as much as I do so let's not waste any more time. RING ENVY IS BACK!

A season opener with at least one Powerhouse AFC team, our team hopefully. Watson is back! Watt is back! Mercilus is back! Romeo is back! It's time for some Texans football!!

i can already feel myself being angry bc of this game, i feel it vibrating back through time from the future

I think we win this based on a Gut feeling nothing more . We are Healthy we have a Offense that cant compliment our Defense when they stop Tom and their O ! I also like that Miller dropped a few Lbs. so he hopefully will run more angry like he did with the Fins ?? 31 - 28 Texans !

Im gonna hope this is a just a chess match by the coach and trying to keep his weapons a secret until game time...

The season hasn't even started and injuries already

I am hoping the TEs really show up today. NE is going to do everything possible to take Hop away.

Lets stay Healthy and shock the NFL !!!

lol OMG!

Lol Lamar miller

OMG really!?!

Wow, this play calling.. run the same 2 plays

To much thinking not enough reacting imho !! Gotta play loose if they wanna Win this Game ...

This is why they should've played starters a bit more during preseason.

Run pass pass, O’brien predictable play calling never fails

Is NE's coverage that good?

That's why Watson didn't throw to him lol We have 1 guy who can catch the ball. Every pass should be to Hopkins.

Wait until we see the hurries, knock downs, and pressures stats for the game. It hasn't looked good so far.

That's not good...

Covington down, that's not good.

Not again this season ? Come on .

FINALLY! A play.

That’s why we got the honey badger. Game wrecker

Oh thank the lord!

This team is fragile

OMG! Again....

It's like we have to give up one player for every good thing that happens.

I said it last season I will say it again . Camp in Virginia makes them soft it seem's ??

Can we please score..

We need to draft like 2 to 3 top o lineman in 2019.

Hit to Watson's head and knees..no penalty.

Yup. Wait, why did I laugh at that? Oh that's right, because it's true.

No screen plays or nothing, just bad play calling. You know you have to get rid of the ball fast.

We don't need no stinkin oline.

The patriots are coached well. Fundamentally sound

Clowney should be eating his guys lunch all day.

At least make it a game, as of now, it's just the Patriots kicking us around like a junior varsity team.

Doesn't even seem like we have passrush

Watson seems a little shell shocked. Film on him may be catching up?

I think most plays are RPO's and Deshaun is making the wrong read.

Touchdowns vs fieldgoals hum, wonder how this strategy works.

Again with the retarded FGs

The good new is, with the exception of Kevin Johnson, the defense is playing very well. However, the key to beating the Pats is to keep TB 12 off the field and the only way to do that is sustained offensive drives.

Maybe OBrian will call Bellicheck at halftime and ask him what halftime adjustments we should make?

Our oline is crap. Just like we all knew it would be. What we need to do is design plays that allow Watson to escape the pocket and avoid all this pressure every down.

There was no reason to take a deep shot yet. We should have run down the clock and moved the ball methodically. Thankfully the defense had a good 3 and out.

I hope they make some changes at halftime.

We’ll look like a new team after half time. We’re going to win

Refs kick us out of fg range on purpose. Wasn’t even a block in a back

2nd and 23 and we run a delayed draw. ??????????

Hires a special team coach. Gets blocked in the 1st game

Stupid coaching no timeout clearly didn’t have possession

BOB is the worst in the league when calling for replays.

Dorset looks like a allpro wr lol

Welp.. that’s game

That wasn’t a catch. Seriously, we need to get better at realizing these things. Call a timeout and challenge that!!!!😡

Kevin Johnson beat time and time again.

I can't believe we picked up the 5th year option on KJ 30. That is proving to be dumb.

Yea not sure what is going on. And how do all of receivers have hamstring issues that's last the better part of a mont

Coaching and play calling is crap today.

Maybe our players fake injuries and are too scared to play

Billy O... maybe too much of a Patriots fan

Too early for cat videos?

Another terrible play to start the second half.

This is it. If NE scores another Td it is over. A two score game is manageable, but 3 scores below NE is not.

Hard to get excited for a turnover if this offense doesn't do anything with it.

Who's ready to hear the all too familiar "Look John, it starts with me.." post game remarks.

Gronk in the seam again...

I’m astonished by our lack of pash rush

Blatant hands to JJ's face..no call. 12 Pats on field, they call false start on Texans.....

I’ve seen 3 holds that haven’t been called. kJ shouldn’t be in the nfl. Bill O’Brien is a overrated play caller. Watson looks rattled because of the line. Brady looks like he’s 25. The pass rush is non existent. The team as a whole looks out of sync. Kj is fragile, I’ve never seen a weaker cb than him

Bill Obrien is so predictable, Tony Romo has accurately called every play the Texans call prior to the play.

Now I see why people think the Texans are a joke. Before the game McKinney and a couple of the d players were playing tag. You don’t see championship teams doing that. These guys need to have a team meeting and get there sht together. Sorry for cussing

Now they are being too passive on offense. Sheesh.

Good play calling bill. You’re the best bro. I promise

Lol refs trying to prevent a Texans td so bad they called a holding on Jonathan Joseph

Is it over yet?

Anyone notice the pass protection has been okay the last 7 minutes. Maybe we have finally wore them out with our pathetic offense.

Surprised they only lost by a TD tho

And apparently Watson hurt on final play

I said if we lose, I would never come back to this site. well here I am. I’m not going to say anything negative about this team. I hope things go well with the Texans. Deshaun is still my favorite player despite a rough game. Nice knowing you guys, a lot of you are cool. See ya in the Super Bowl

This team will drive me to drink. At least, that's my excuse.

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