Rob Gronkowski seems pretty happy with his new contract

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Rob Gronkowski went from almost retired to owner of a new contract, one that he says he is "super satisfied" with.

His new deal is similar in structure to Tom Brady's, which means it is loaded with incentives. If he reaches all of those, he will make around $13 million and he insists he's ready to go for this season.

NBC Sports Boston:

"I’m super satisfied with my situation," he said. "If I wasn’t, I would try to pull a move like they did. It works out. You get rewarded for holding out, but I’m not frustrated at all or anything. I’m super satisfied and just ready to go. Ready to play. That’s my main focus."

Gronk could have held out like so many other big-name players have done this offseason. However, he said he never considered doing that.

"No, it hasn't even come close to considering that," Gronkowski said. "Not even one bit. What I can do, though, is keep preparing, keep showing up every day, keep doing what I've got to do to get better."

Here is a breakdown of his new deal:

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