Frank Reich calls Julian Edelman’s skillset “hard to mimic” as Colts prepare for the wide receiver’s return

Jared Wickerham | Getty Images

Frank Reich and the Indianapolis Colts are the first ones since August of 2017 to get the task of coming up with a game plan for Julian Edelman.

And Reich knows it is going to be tough.

On the Colts' head coach’s conference call Tuesday, he spoke highly of the receiver and how Edelman’s unique skillset makes it tough on opponents.

“He’s a great player,” Reich said. “There’s certain guys who have the unique route running skills that it’s hard to get that in a look-team. It’s hard to say, ‘Alright, you get in there and you play like Edelman and you run a route like he runs it.’ That’s hard to mimic, so he’s certainly had a great career and has unique abilities and provides playmaking, especially – as I see it – on third downs having that knack for getting open.”

While it is uncertain how much game time action Edelman will see this Thursday, his teammates, coaches and fans are all thrilled to see #11 back on the field.

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