Julian Edelman says Josh Gordon has made a good impression, can be a vital part of the offense

AP Photo | Charles Krupa

We all know what Julian Edelman is capable of in a football game, and we’re beginning to see what Josh Gordon has in store as well.

Gordon caught a 34-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady in last week’s win over the Indianapolis Colts. In the two games he’s played since joining the team on Sept. 17, Gordon has racked up four catches for 82 yards in just 36 total snaps.

Whenever Gordon gets fully acclimated to the New England Patriots’ offense, both he and Edelman can be vital parts of the team.

“Dude works hard. Great teammate,” Edelman said of Gordon. “I really think he can be a really big piece of us.”

“It’s exciting to be around him. He loves football, you can tell. He knows his stuff. It’s getting more and more fun the more he knows.”

As for getting back into the swing of things after his four-game suspension and missing all of last season with his ACL injury, Edelman feels he’s gaining confidence each practice and is happy to be back.

“It’s getting better each day. I feel like my conditioning is pretty good. You’re always working to get it better.”

“You definitely appreciate [the game] once you’ve been away, and I was away for a year and some change,” Edelman continued. “It’s good to be out with the fells. Meetings can get on you a little bit here and there, but you realize you need it. It’s good to be back.”

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