Stephon Gilmore takes subtle shot at Jalen Ramsey


When you think of a loud and rowdy locker room guy, cornerback Stephon Gilmore usually wouldn't come to mind. When asked about the pure opposite personality at his position in Jaguars' star Jalen Ramsey, Gilmore had something to say about the trash talking corner.

“It’s funny,” Gilmore said. “A lot of people can talk but you’ve gotta back it up — which he does. Sometimes. It is what it is. A lot of guys that talk, that’s just their personality or that’s just how they is. I feel like a lot of people that talk like that, they’ve got a lot of energy because they’re playing . . . that’s just how they is.”

When asked to elaborate on what he meant by "they're playing", Gilmore took another jab.

“It’s his personality,” he said. “That’s not my style, but I find a lot of guys that talk are mostly zone guys so they have a lot of energy to do that.”

Well to me, that seems like a chill way of basically saying Ramsey talks as much as he does because he plays an easier role. Whether he meant it as a shot or not, Gilmore is the top guy in one of the heavier man-to-man defensive schemes in the league, so he seems justified in his comments.

Gilmore also gave an explanation on why he doesn't play too much into the trash talking game which is a very common trend in today's league.

“I just kind of like to try to focus on what I have to do,” he said. “I don’t want too many distractions going to my team. I just try to focus on my job and whatever tasks I have that week. I just feel like it’s a distraction and I don’t want to be that type of teammate.”

And finally, to wrap it all up in classic Patriot fashion, heres what Gilmore had to say about facing off with the Chiefs this Sunday night:

“They’ve got a lot of explosive receivers, they’re undefeated. They’ve got a good quarterback so it’s going to be a fun opportunity to go out there and play.”

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