Ring Envy - What Bears Fans Said - 10/21

The Chicago Bears were one of the early surprises of this season. But after a brutal overtime loss to Miami, the Bears have come crashing back down to Earth. They needed to win yesterday to keep pace with the rest of the NFC North, but were thwarted by the Patriots and the one-yard line. Bears fans weren't very confident that their team would win this one, and Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky made sure they didn't.

Bears win. Tom Brady asks Mitch for an autograph.

Bears win. Belichick asks Nagy for an autograph.

I'm going to winterize my lawnmower tomorrow. Game should be over by the middle of the 3rd quarter. I'll be able to get a good start on chores.

I cleaned out my chickens today so tomorrow is all clear for apple picking. I'm going to leave my phone in the car, I don't want to be tempted to look at the score and ruin my day.

Don’t think we win but it’ll be a close game.

Floyd is terrible.

At least we didn't let them score on the first play.

I see Vics gameplan is SHIT

Lmao, fucking embarrassing.

They don’t need Gronk

This game can be real quick if bears keep this shit up

Oh look another Trubersky overthrow

Gonna be a long day. This is why winning against the Dolphins was so important

Starting in the hole 14 pts. against Tom friggin’ Brady will sucks ballz.

Who the fuck is this old ass announcer? Dude is ass

Pat coverage fucking with Trubs

That was amazing!

That was a perfect turnover!


Nice job kwik

Wow what a gift. Can't wait to see how Trubersky screws it up

Trubs running killing the Pats.



Nichols is a monster, my Gawd.

A turnover and they murdered Michel.

Damn that sucks to see Michel get hurt. He looks so good for a rookie

Wtf was Cohen doing there? RUN STRAIGHT AND YOU HAVE A FIRST DOWN!

Trubisky is blind today so far. Can’t see open WRs

Fouts cant count

Trubs cant hit a fucking barn

are you fucking serious. Cmon Trubisky. Your a quarterback. You do not make it to the NFL not being somewhat accurate.

Bill is confusing Mitch so much

What a horrid fucking throw. Boom! Touchdown!

YESS!! Howard!

Pretenders always find a way to lose.

Can we get a kicker who can kick the ball into the fucking end zone?

Bears got gifted 2 TDs, so of course, they go down and gift one right back. Smh

We have to have the worst special teams in the league

Remember the weirdos saying Trubisky is already better than Cutler? He seriously has NO accuracy

Zero pressure on Brady. Zero.

no pass rush

fuck tom brady

Way to throw the game. If Nagy keeps neglecting Howard they'll get blown out.

Most overrated defense

Lol Floys is a joke #7 and sucks

Lolololeonard Floyd.

Why Simms is on the roster is a mystery

Sims might have lobster claws as hands.

Nagy is an idiot. Wtf kind of play call was that? Stopped clock, 3rd and 3, and you throw a bomb? Might as well put 3 or 7 more points up for NE.

Lol. 3rd & 3 and they throw a fucking deep ball to a 5'6 RB. Lol, brilliant play call especially with Trubs sucking it up today.

Time for the Patriots to score another TD. Lol.

Turdbisky today.

I would have just let Parkey try the kick fuck his stats if he misses..Nagy is fucking retarded smh..

Detroit is better than the Bears. Up 20-7 over Miami. They also beat NE. Bears might be last in the division again.

Pats are throwing everything at him while we drop everyone and let Brady put a deckchair out. Coaching definitely isn’t helping us today - it’s clear Mitch is at his worst under pressure.

I can't tell who misses what more: Mitch with open receivers or Cohen with open running lanes

Meteor strike or humans gonna human?

Well, at least he can run! Go Trubisky!

If they blow this TD I'm going to be pissed.

God damn Mitch has wheels

What is with this fucking illegal formation penalties? STOP!@!!!

No seriously trubisky is bad

Ist down..throwing at Floyd..smh..all day to throw for Brady..

James White is literally open on every play.

When was the last time we’ve had a sack?

Wow we got a sack knock some dust off that pussy baby!

Just curious, who was calling the Miami D "good" ?

Bellamy... you fucking bum.

can someone get Bellamy some sunglasses

Lmao, game over. Special teams disaster.

Another special teams td. This team isn’t shit

The Bears are really the definition of a loser franchise. Every game they've lost has been winnable, even in the bag, but they found a way to screw it up.

Bellamy freaking has sucked today. Perfect pass and he gives up an int.

No point in being upset about this game. We had zero chance of winning it before and during. Have to win next two.

This game is winnable which means we will lose

What the fuck is Dan Fouts’ issue? He’s been grinding an axe against Mitch all game. Did Mitch fuck his daughter?

Fuck you. You fucking, fuck.

Has Trubisky been tested for da diabeetus?

Can’t say this wasn’t expected.

Can we beat the Jets?

Fouts “Can Mitch throw another pick? We’ll find out. Right after this”

Fuck me twice

We might get 6 wins this year.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if we’d pressured Brady a bit more.

Not excited at all. This is New England. Nothing will become of this.

Special teams look “special”

If we lose to the Jets next week then I could see this season spiral out of control.

If Bears get the ball back, Trubs just gon miss more long passes.

Kevin White story of his life.

Holy shit what a lucky break by the Patriots. Unbelievable!

Ouch. That hurts.


Only 4 defenders against our oline and 2 get in almost untouched.

Just a perfect microcosm of the bears season.

Last place Bears. Fuck everything.

1 yard short of tying the game against the New England Patriots after giving up 14 points on special teams. It sucks to lose but despite all the negatives the Bears had every chance to beat one of the best teams in the NFL.

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