Ring Envy - What Bills Fans Said - 10/29

Oh, the Buffalo Bills....hahahahahahahahahahahaha. 

We're going to get massacred.

I wanna see Belichick give McDermott a nougie at the end of the game

Gordon on the field, fake news leaked by the Pats

So that Josh Gordon stuff was all fake. Awesome.

Cry Brady cry

Marsha crying to the refs already.

Tom already whining to the refs.

Crap.....now we have to play offense.

So they decided to punish Gordon by making him play a full game against the Bills?

I dont know what were doing but I like it.

Typical Bill's, had Anderson wide open and no one even looks at him!

So...the Bills are so bad at QB, they're lining the QB up as far as possible from center, and direct snapping it to the running back?

Thought for sure they would fake the punt

I just hope they didn’t use up everything on the first drive

Our holder may indeeed actually throw a pass today. Even if the rest of the gang isn’t expecting it...

That's why we lose to these *****. We never have a guy who can make the play when it counts. Everybody on the Cheats makes the play.

All worth it for the hit on Brady. Hit him harder next time!

announcers already S’ing Brady’s D

Have we ever watched New England play? You have to cover James White.


IF on the Cheats? Nooooooooooo.............

Has NE ever had a holding call against them in the first qtr ever? I've seen at least 4 on this drive alone.

A flag on the Patriots? How did that happen

Witten and this other dude are total clowns....I guess this is what we get after ESPN laid everyone off? There are like huge gaps of dead air.

guess we didnt learn from the packers

Kill this Special Teams unit with fire.

notice how the Pats do everything right? Don't run a KO out of the endzone, don't kick a KO into the endzone

Idiot Daboll proving the Bills offense can’t beat the Pats D without trying gimmick idiotic plays. Enough already. Run a ***** NFL offense please

Derek Anderson. I’ve seen enough

These announcers really need to wipe that brady goo off their chins. wtf

The Spanish speaking announcers on ESPN2 are more entertaining.

Brady is just asking to get lit up and we’re out here letting him be-bop around for scramble first downs.

***** Boger and the Cheats.

Jason Witten is a meathead

Anderson is Captain checkdown. My god. Haven’t we had enough of those over the years??


Edelman asks for flag, gets it.

I ***** hate Edelman. Begs for the call and gets it. Typical Cheats game. And no replay so we can see how ***** the call really is.

Cheats o-line holding like a *****.

I can’t believe the ***** holding on that incomplete. The Pats lineman had his head like he was going in for the tackle

The only flags the refs can possibly throw on the Cheaters is illegal formation, because pretending the formation rules don't apply to them either might seem to be stretching it a tiny bit

Wow a throw over ten yards... maybe there’s a chance

wow this is like, uncharted territory for us

Heyyyyy we're in FG range

The fans make the fan base. That’s deep Thurman

3rd and 8 and they run??!! F Daboll and McDermott

Wow, what a BS call there. McD playing ***** against Belichick. Watch the Cheats go the length of the field for points.

Yayyyyy. Within 6!!!!! Clap clap McD


Sounds like a soccer crowd there!

I hate this coach and this team.

Loved that Missed FG

The defense and fans deserve better than this shitshow

A rare Gostowski miss, now they’ll need an INT, plus a fumble recovery to complete the trifecta and have a chance at victory... Need a perfect storm to beat that team. Could it happen ?

We’re not even playing that good. Pats are overrated- really benefitting from a weak AFC in Brady’s last years.

the pats*** suck

Bush. One of the biggest acts in the business. Lol. Only the Bills. And they’re singing there hits. Omg!!

I’m thinking of looking into reverse mortgages when we are on offense.

Wow...Wtf!?! They blew that coverage. Thanks for Bush...umm

Trade Mccoy already

Of course......***** league.

Gilmore of course looking around for a bail out.

***** you Gilmore.

Patriots are dirty, cheating bastards.

Put Gronk in the dirt!

This offense sucks.


Our offensive "talent" is a joke.

One of the worst defenses in the NFL and we can’t score from the 35

9-6. Who woulda thought

Meetball pushin the cheats around!!

Anddddd Ballgame


I KNEW IT! We should have gone for the 80 yard FG.

And there is the game. Dion HAS to do better there

This is men against boys with our pathetic offense.

That's the end of hope

AND Scene! Pats score 7, its over!

And we have to burn a challenge because the refs suck.

Another wasted timeout. Pats get this call.

We all know how this review is going to go

I think this will stand because Pats*** but it's such a critical inflection point you almost have to.

Another call that favors the Pats. Should’ve been called oob

I'll say it one more time, then I guess I'll go to bed. The fact that the Pats offense has not had one holding penalty called on them tonight leaves no doubt that the game is fixed. You can disagree, but if you have eyes, and you've been watching the game, it's rather obvious. What a joke.

Look at NE amount of plays. Then look at their points Defense deserves a standing ovation no matter what happens going forward

Miracle if only a FG here

This defense is legit

Bahahaha run like the B word you are Brady.

Line of scrimmage was the 6. That ball landed on the 12!! These refs are blatant cheaters.

intentional grounding? WTF

This defense is playing unbelievable. How can an offense be this bad

3 instead of 7

Amazing NE hasn't scored a TD. Buffalo-- not so much.

Why the F is Gronk wearing a leafs jersey in that old kid photo??

It’s a bummer we’re not good, because the Pats are no longer that great.

4th quarter, still in it!

I haven’t seen any smug grins from either TB12 or Gronk yet tonight!!

We got em right where we want them....

Too much F’ing time!!!

Life as a Bills fan..... So close, yet so far away


Stubbornly stick to the 4 man rush. He will eat you up

What the heck is time of possession differential???




Why NO blitzes against Brady?

Stanford. you are a typical Bill. Welcome.

And here's where we break

I liked the guy with the Patriots cheat paper!

I feel like I’ve had to watch Brady for 50 years.

And here comes all throws on offense now. F%ck!

I don't understand what OPI is

I F'in HATE these Cheating Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this league really fixed??

This team is a disgusting disgrace! Shame on Mcbean for stripping this offense of all it’s talent and making us the most suck wad offense to ever step foot on an nfl feild! F you Brandon Bean

It’s so bad a feeling because this game was there for the taking. I freaking knew it was going to be close because this is a proud D.

Put Peterman in


why are we huddling...wtf

Jesus we are just eating clock!



What a play!

There it is. YES!!!!!!!!



No catch

damn it



Why the ***** do we wait until desperation time to bring out this playcalling. For ***** sake.

Son of a #&$&$£÷*#,$*$*$!!!!!!!

It is going to be reversed. Crap.

Did we build this stadium on an old Indian cemetery?

The almost td was a lot of fun


reminds me I need to do laundry

Apparently process players aren't very smart


FU McCourty and NE***

OK time for bed nighty night!

And that’s a wrap.... thankfully most football fans went to bed already

Hahaha it never fails. Just never fails.

No one is surprised...Right?

Fire sale starts now. 4pm deadline tomorrow.

one of these @$@&@)(;;$ years.

7 field goals let’s go

It's so unfortunate the Bills didn't go into this season with a real QB on the roster.

I don't think there's a team that I hate more than the Buffalo Bills

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