Bill Belichick responds to Dion Lewis' comments... sort of

AP Photo | Steven Senne

Dion Lewis had some choice words for his former team after the Tennessee Titans routed the New England Patriots in a 34-10 fashion on Sunday afternoon.

Feeling like he was expendable to his old team, Lewis did not hold back in his post-game press conference. The running back called the Patriots “cheap” and says that “you get your ass kicked” when that happens.

On WEEI Monday, Bill Belichick had his chance to respond… sort of.

“Dion’s made plenty of positive comments in the past… I’m not sure about this one, but whatever it is, it is. Right now, we really need to worry about what we’re doing and our football team. And that’s really where our focus is. Whatever else anybody says or doesn’t say is out of our control. I don’t think it’s going to affect us too much one way or the other, whether it’s good or bad.”

The Patriots are some of the best when it comes to ignoring outside noise, so Lewis’ comments won’t affect them. But maybe the blowout loss to him and the Titans was a wakeup call to not take things for granted and to stay on their game in the second half of this season.

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