Malcolm Butler feels no animosity towards Patriots

AP Photo

It’s something that we’ll probably never find out the answer to, but Malcolm Butler’s mysterious benching during Super Bowl LII will be on the minds of some fans this week – because the former Patriots’ cornerback is getting ready to face off with his old team as a current member of the Tennessee Titans.

Despite the rough ending to his tenure in New England, Butler feels no animosity toward his old team and had nothing but good things to say about them ahead of Sunday’s matchup.

“I just have to get back to doing what I do, and that’s playing football,” Butler said. “I know I used to play there, and I just have to pick up my performance – I don’t care who I play. I just want to pick up my performance, that’s all.”

Regarding his time with the Patriots, Butler said, “It went well. It didn’t end well, but it went great. Those people showed me nothing but love, and I love them back. I appreciate Mr. (Robert) Kraft, Bill Belichick, all those guys… No bad blood.”

Butler isn’t the only former Patriot to be going up against them this weekend. Cornerback Logan Ryan and running back Dion Lewis are current members of the Tennessee Titans as well.

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