Ring Envy - What Packers Fans Said - 11/4

It didn't really live up to the hype, but the Patriots pulled away late for a 31-17 win over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Packers fans weren't as optimistic about this game as you might have thought they'd be. Though this thread is short, they didn't really spend any time talking about Tom Brady vs Rodgers. Instead, they continuously complained about the play calling, the defense and Mike McCarthy, which was still pretty enjoyable to read.

I am excited for this game. I think the Packers might have turned the corner after last week. They will have to start winning games otherwise this year will end in disappointment to all involved. However I have an odd sense of confidence in this team. Maybe I am nuts for that but it is how I feel.

Gronkowski is out. That makes the defenses job a little easier, although not much with as many other weapons they have.

Game starts with a penalty on the kick lol

Can someone say swiss cheese for the defense.

MM was shaking his head on the sideline after the 3rd play. Get him gone... he’s outlasted is welcome.

Omg the playcalling in the redzone is terrible. I really want to be a fly on the wall and hear what the hell the reasoning is on these calls.

So glad we traded our Pro Bowl safety the week before playing an away game at the Patriots

It's a packer curse to mis-time jumps on 50-50 balls. Breeland goes up to early for the ball and allows an easy completion to gordon. Oy.

3rd and 4 and we call a pass play where all 4 receivers are running between the numbers and the sideline.... we've said it before, I'll say it again, what in the hell is wrong with the playcalling ! Use the middle of the damn field! try again.

This team just isn't that good - I've said it before and will continue to do so. A mediocre staff, one great playef, a couple really good ones and just a bunch of guys - a dime a dozen types.

Keep feeding Jones.

Nice run ! Let's punch it in now !

Lol 1st and goal from the 2 and 3 straight passes. Extremely lucky Adams found a spot.

Are they going to try and get a real linebacking group in at all?

McCarthy is no genius and this team is full of Morons - Whitehead another great example, you just can't slap someone upside the head.

Looked to me like the Patriot also took a head shot to Whitehead. Whitehead gets ejected for a slap. Bad Call.

Wow ... a washed up WR is playing RB for the Patriots and running it down our throats.

This is why this defense will always get criticized. They had a chance to stop the Pat's and give us a shot at going up after the half. Yet they let the Patriots literally run it all the way down the field. And then score. Ridiculous and pathetic.

Wow, not a good job by the defense there. A wr playing rb just kicked our butt on that drive. I get the penalty , but a ejection for that , see that happen all the time in other games with no ejections.

What a moronic play call ... a QB run? Really? on 3rd and 2? Why not just give it to Jones?

Is MM calling the offense or Philbin ?

Another irritating aspect of the packers. They clearly needed to get the play off before the challenge. Yet they took their time and showed no urgency and will now lose that gain of the last play. try again. Who coaches these poor tactics.

We actually ran on a second and one!

And now a penalty!

Touchdown!!!! Had great protection on that one. Able to step up and throw a dart. Let's go defense.

Curious to see how the defense responds.

Wow this defense is pathetic.... again

And breeland commits a PI on a 3rd and goal....

I guess Breeland is not as good as Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

This team just can't get it together, offense just put together a nice drive and now the defense is getting torched again.

Holy shit a stop! Now, will we call a run up the gut in a heavy set from the half yard line?

Stupid ass wr screen again.... for a loss.

Omg again with a terrible set of play calls. Wasted possession, and pathetic effort.

Holy crap, swear this team is made of glass. Injuries and more injuries!

Are you fucking fucking kidding me! For the love of God! How the shit does zook still have a damn job! 4 and 21! Just let him kick the goddamn ball! try again!

Fire the special teams coach right now

Poorly disciplined team

Rodgers needs to take this game over right now.

Great catch by VS ... fucking stupid call by MM. Run the ball with 3rd and 1!

Did I ever mention that I hate running the play clock all the way down every time?

Killer fumble. Hope MM doesn't doghouse him for that

Garbage defense. Been this team's Achilles heel for close to a decade

God-f***ing-damnit! This team will always find a f***ing way to piss a game away!

Tramon is playing better than Ha Ha. Man this sucks. Just not our year. Jones fumble was costly.

They are not moving with any sense of purpose. There is not much time left! They need to move!

They've run off way too much time. Even if they score they wont get the ball back.

Game over. Season most likely over.

The WRs just not getting open? Is Rodgers waiting for them to have huge separation? Is there really no one open? Is it bad playing calling? We only needed 4 yards ... we never EVER throw a slant. Does Rodgers
hate throwing them? Is it not in MM play calling book. This team is awful. It is time for change. It is time get rid of the entire coaching staff.

Halfway through the season 0-4 on the road.

Pains me to say this but you really have to admire the patriots. They have multiple injuries and the don't skip a beat, their offense just has so much innovation . Makes ours look sic.

I really don't care if they get their tails handed to them in situations like this, because when you play this way, it's deserved. I think my feelings stem from the fact that I truly believe that this organization, main!y under Thompson has been tremendously overrated. The thought process of being competitive every year, making the playoffs and because you have AR mentality that you will have a shot, has got them playoffs - yes, division titles - yes, huge disappointing playoff losses and debacles - yes, AND one Super Bowl appearance in more than a decade with in my mind the most talented player ever to play the QB position is an absolute travesty and I feel they have flat out wasted his tremendous talents!

At least we kept it close for awhile, until the last 15 minutes. And it was at their place.

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