Chris Hogan "absolutely" still on same page with Brady despite drop in targets


One of the most common points brought up this season is that Chris Hogan has not looked like he did in 2016. One theory is that his chemistry is off with Brady, and that they have lost some trust in each other.

Honestly regardless of Hogan's statement that nothing has changed between them, I think that we set our expectations too high on him this year. The "next man up" philosophy has been preached throughout the Patriot organization for years and has shown a lot of success. However, in Hogan's case I think the expectations were just too great.

Hogan is a very solid and reliable receiver, but was best fit playing the 3 or 4 spot behind guys like Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks. Hogan's strengths are not as a number 2 guy, but more of a deadly weapon when your top guys bring coverage elsewhere.

When asked if he and Brady were on the same page Hogan had the classic "yep" as his answer. If you think that was an in-depth look at their relationship, Hogan was also asked if his chemistry with Brady has been as good as it was in the past."Absolutely" he said.

It is unfortunate for Chris Hogan that his productivity has dipped in a contract year, but he remains optimistic. "Because of what we've done in the past," Hogan said, "how hard we've worked in the passing game and obviously the guy who's leading us with the ball. We have all the faith in the world in him."

It is easy to speculate what players are going through during the season and how the locker room is, but at the end of the day, both parties have no issues to report and will keep moving forward as a team.

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