X's and O's: Patriots vs Jets

The Patriots are entering their final game before the playoffs. This is more important of a week than most realize because of how many teams are still in contention for the playoffs. The Patriots need to win this game, to secure the second seed or even jump into the first seed with a Chiefs and Chargers loss.

The Jets play a man to man scheme, therefore the Patriots will want to use their weapons accordingly. The Jets have allowed 380.7 yards per game this year, 254.7 yards passing per game and 126.0 rushing yards per game. The Patriots are going to be just fine. If Gronk can create space then their offense will be nearly unstoppable today. Since the Jets are playing man coverage the Pats will want to find their mismatches. They need to find Gronk on linebackers, Michel/White on linebackers, Edelman and Patterson on Safeties. The patriots should really bring out some of their tricks today considering that the Jets play a very aggressive man to man coverage. The Pats could do one of their fake reverses, into a fake handoff and then hit the first fake with the screen passes. The Patriots could line up with White in the backfield and then have Gronk, Edelman, and Patterson lined up in formation, Gronk could run a vertical pattern, clearing the linebacker, Patterson could run in the hole that Gronk creates, Edelman could run an out route and White could run a flat route. Also I would like to make it known that I think that Patterson should get the ball handed off to him more often. The guy is a great runner. Give him jet sweeps, line him up in the backfield, do anything, but let the man run.

The Jets offense has been held to less than 20 points EIGHT times this season. The Jets offense averaged 299.4 yards per game. Not very good. The Pats are going to want to confuse the heck out of the young quarterback, Josh McCown. The Pats play a mixture of man to man defense and zone defense, so confusing McCown should theoretically fairly easy. The Pats need to come out and show that they are the better team. They need to stop Isaiah Crowell from the start. The Patriots defense has played well this year, despite the popular opinion that they have been a poor defense. They held the Chiefs to nine first half points, they held the Steelers to three second half points, and nearly shut out the Dolphins.

The Pats should win this one pretty easily. I think that they will turn the ball over three times. Pats win 35-10. Michel gets two touchdowns, Patterson gets one , Gronk gets one too.

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