Ring Envy - What Vikings Fans Said - 12/2

I don't know how to feel about Vikings fans. They're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too nice for their own good. It's weird and it makes me feel uneasy. I had no idea there was a group of people outside of Massachusetts that actually respect the Patriots this much. I'm not sure I like this. I want blood and hatred every week, not some mamby pamby bullshit. They even have the audacity to not talk about the game while it's going on, so I had to resort to pre and post-game threads. I'm glad I don't have to worry about them for another four years. 


Don't mean to be a downer, but I see no way we win this game. We are a good team but not playing at the level of the Saints, Cheifs, Rams, or Pats.

I worry about Patterson biting us in the butt.

If the defense can stand up the offense can do enough to win.

Sure, the Pats will be favored. They're at home. They have 8 wins. They have Belichek and Brady. They're the Patriots of lore. I say "screw 'em". Vikings can win the game, even comfortably win it, if they show up prepared, with some fire and urgency, and execute. The Patriots will be prepared. They'll execute. But if both teams execute well, the Vikings will win.

If the Patriots win, it's probably going to be because the Vikings shot themselves in the foot again and committed too many key mistakes, or had another slow start. If the Vikings show up ready to play and execute, they will win.

The whole brady talk is hilarious. Dude is still top 3 easily and more than capable of shredding up our defence. No Brady has not fallen off, brees had a down year last year so i guess he was done then to? Talk to any pats fan and they will tell you they're running the ball better than they have in years. White and michell are a great 1 2 and make bradys job easier. These guys hung in with the chiefs and beat them, they controlled chicago all game. We need zero turn overs and a few lucky bounces to win this game.

I hope we risk blitzing early and often-even if Brady burns us on it a time or two. Want him to feel as uncomfortable as possible...and if he's under pressure consistently, I could see him becoming skiddish and throwing some balls away.

I'm interested to watch this game. The NE defense isn't the most physically talented that we'll face, but it is the best coached.

Forecasted heavy rain in Foxborough on sunday. How are Tom's tiny hands going to be able to hold onto the ball? Check the ball pressure Zim!!

I do worry some about Cordarrelle Patterson. Belichick and McDaniels have found innovative ways to use him. He could be an X-factor for you guys. He's the guy on your roster who can take any play to the house. But I guarantee you, Zimmer knows this. He's talked about it all week.

I look for a close game. As to who wins, I have no idea. It's a crapshoot with this Vikings team, especially on the road. But if the Vikes play turnover-free football, I think we win. Laugh if you want.

Poop. Diggs' knee swelled yesterday evening, so he's a game time decision after indications all week pointed to his being able to play. I fear that even if he does play, he'll be tentative / less effective and man do we need him today. I wish Treadwell weren't such a putz. (Note to self: 2019 draft, I'd like one of the Longhorns WRs--tall and sure handed).

Fox pre-game had a great Patriots-focused segment that included an interview with Belichek. Some of the talking heads thought it would come down to the trenches and specifically who pressures the opposing QB better. I couldn't agree more. The key for us is to hit Brady, early, often, and hard.

I just wanna die as a Super Bowl Champion Viking Fan!!


I don't understand how anyone can sit there and honestly say that they are ok with Mike Zimmer as the coach anymore. Do not give me the "we played in New England and the refs sucked" #### either. They again came out flat. They just saw the other three teams in the division lose, and are playing against arguably the most successful dynasty in the history of the NFL, and you can't get your players to come out with fire? You can't get your coaching staff to come up with a better game plan than what they did today.

Thielen might want not to be peacocking on the sideline after an easy 5 yard TD catch and then jawing at the greatest GM and Coach in sports history after a ridiculously bad spot call on a clear stone job on 4th down.

I just don't know what to think. I know most of us thought we had a SB team brewing before the season started. I sure did. That's pretty much over with. You're right, the team as a whole doesn't have any fire to them. Not digging Coach Flip much but as far as Zimmer goes, it wasn't until today that I actually wondered if we have the right guy. Terribly disappointing season.

That was an embarrassment. We once again got beat be a 'winning' team. Zimmer was out coached, the entire team was out coached. I think the blame falls on Zimmer, Flip, Pfeiffer, and Rick. We pay a QB a billion dollars and dont give him at least an average Oline? Our D isnt that good, certainly no good enough to give us wins against good teams. What an entirely waste of a season. Im so pissed I think I will just leave it at this for the moment.

What this game shows is the standard between a team and its’ dynasty for more than a decade and a team (with elite potential) that still tries to find its own identity.

Is Zimmer a big drinker? He always has that red nose and face look of drunks.

I don't know if I will live long enough to see the Vikings organization put together a Team and Staff anywhere near the Patriot's level.

This Vikings team seemed to have peeked already. It may not ever get better then the NFC championship game last year.

Classic Vikings of 2018 - show little fire, fall behind early, need late-game heroics to try to get back into it. Attitude and preparation all seem to be lacking in this year's team.

Tough to walk into the Boston Mafia fairgrounds and win a game.

Barr is worthless.

Yeah the Vikes lost. It's going to happen. How many people here penciled this game as a win at the beginning of the season?

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