Jason McCourty and Trent Brown look forward to their first career postseason runs

AP Photo | Charles Krupa

January football is not something Jason McCourty or Trent Brown are used to. At this point of the NFL season, the two of them would be packing it up and going into the break before next season’s training starts.

But for the two of them, this year is quite different. They will be embarking on their first career postseason runs.

“Typically, I’d be going out to dinner with all the DBs, just congratulating each and every guy on a completed season and cleaning out lockers,” said New England Patriots cornerback McCourty. “So for me, Wednesday is fun. I get to come in to work and get to focus on what lies ahead of us. So I’m not even thinking big picture or what comes along, but just that I get to come to work Wednesday and try to get better as a player and as a team.”

For Jason McCourty, his past seasons would have been over at this point. He was with the Tennessee Titans from 2009-2016 and with the Cleveland Browns in 2017. Neither of those teams reached postseason play during his tenures. It would be at this point that Jason would cheer for twin brother, Devin, and the New England Patriots.

“I was just always watching these guys, being able to watch my brother,” he said. “I think I went to his playoff game his rookie year [in 2010], but it was way too cold, so I never went to another one after that,” he said jokingly. “But I would come up here and be at his house and be around his family. For me, that was my playoff, being able to live vicariously through him and be able to go on a run with him. It will be a lot different feel this year.”

As for offensive tackle, Trent Brown, he always admired the Patriots’ postseason success and is excited to be apart of that this year.

“A part of you is like, ‘Man, I wish that was us,” Brown said. “I know Super Bowls is not what they talk about around here, but I couldn’t help but think about the success, just year after year, going deep into postseason play. I was excited about it and I knew coming here I would have to be on my A-game and they wouldn’t accept anything less.”

“I’m truly bless to be here with this team, with these coaches, this organization, in this town. I’m truly excited for this opportunity.”

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