John’s Well-Educated Guesses: Patriots vs. Chargers – Playoff Edition – Recap

What a game fellas, what a game.  I really needed a good stomping to get the playoff juices flowing.  I enjoyed that immensely.

If the Pat’s offense plays like that I don’t think anyone can beat us.  Nervous for what we will look like on the road, but we will save that for Friday’s blog.

Today is for reviewing predictions both good and bad.

Prediction:  Patriots under 100 on the ground – As I said, this is a good run defense.  I think we attempt to keep them honest early, but abandon the run entirely when it matters.  The score will dictate this entirely.

Result:  This was very wrong as Michel had about 100 by himself at the half.  Nobody is happier about that than me.  I’ve been saying forever that the best way to preserve Brady is to invest in the O-line and running backs.  If we stay as balanced as we looked on Sunday, we are going to the BOWL.

Prediction:  James White day – He is going to be the secret weapon.  I don’t want to jinx it with a specific prediction, but we will know it when we see it.

Result: 15 targets is pretty heavy workload, so I’d say I got this one.  He was very effective.  Brady consistently looks to White and Edelman in big moments.  We are lucky to have him.

Prediction:  Melvin Gordon sits out most of the game – I just have this image of impactful running backs sitting on the bench in the playoffs when their teams need them to beat the Pats.  Leveon Bell and Ladanian Tomlinson will welcome a new member to their club.

Result:  He didn’t get hurt, but the Pats were scoring so fast, they effectively took the running game away.  I was freaking out when we won the toss and decided to take the ball….I love that double score opportunity when we can get it.  Now I see that it was the right move because Gordon was a non-factor.  

Prediction:  Pats win 31- 28 on a late field goal – Playing 60 minutes has not been this team’s forte.  They looked good the last few weeks against bad teams, so I’m praying they keep it together.  I just don’t see our season ending against the Chargers.  Truthfully, I fear no team when we play at home.  Let’s get these punks.

Result: Pats win 41-28.  In truth, our score should have been higher and theirs should have been lower.  Either way, I feel like this win was very validating.  It shut a lot of people up and put us in the AFC Championship for the 8th straight year (insane).  We have a puncher’s chance against KC.  Let’s cook.