Kyle Van Noy once called Tom Brady an idiot for introducing himself

Kevin C. Cox | Getty Images

Throughout all his experiences and successes in his long career, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady never seems to lose his humbleness.

Linebacker Kyle Van Noy got to encounter this, first-hand, when he joined the team back in 2016.

After a late-night flight that went into the early hours of the next day from Detroit to the New England area, Van Noy had to be up early for meetings all day at his new facility with his new team. It was then, during a short break, that he met his new quarterback.

“I had to run to go to the restroom because I was in the meetings for so long,” Van Noy said. “I get done washing my hands and Tom comes up and kinda shakes my hand, ‘Hi, I’m Tom Brady.”

“I’m like, “You’re an idiot. Of course [you’re Tom Brady],’” he continued.

“Those little things are why he is where he’s at. Those little things that people don’t pay attention to, those details,” the linebacker said. “He is really good at what he does, very detailed, and that is what makes him Tom.”

It was Van Noy’s first personal experience with his new quarterback, and Brady’s modesty and humbleness has made a lasting impression on not only Van Noy, but all of his teammates.

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