Ring Envy - What Chargers Fans Said - 1/13

The Chargers were riding high off of a Wild Card Weekend win against the Ravens. A team that, you know, doesn't have a quarterback who could throw. Chargers fans, whom I was not aware existed until I started working on this, figured the whole 7-DB defense was gonna work again. But like a good old fashioned fight in the stands at a California sporting event, it got ugly for them real quick. 

It’s personal against these guys. We can be the official end to their dynasty

There’s no team in the NFL that I dislike more than the Pats. We owe them. Big time.

I want to see Brady pull a week 17 Rodgers. Realize the game is out of reach, fake a concussion, and retire after the season.

Today is OUR day.

I'd love to see our Bolts, put the Patriots run into pasture. One thing for sure we'll have 90% of America on our side today

Lots of Pats fans in my neck of the woods. I expect them to be very quiet after 4pm eastern time today. #boltup

I got a New England amount of beer. Let’s crush these kids. REVENGE IS OVERDUE

Pick by Gronk.

shoot, just shredding us, no half time adjustments Gus, need adjustments now

Brady is so good at throwing the ball 1 yard. The GOAT.

Dang Philips down. Hope he's okay. Yes, quick passes...change of direction toss they know our defense is aggressive and active.

It’s so early, hard not to overthink everything at this point.

I see the Patriots will be allowed to hold today. Gonna be a tough one.

Come on get a 3rd down stop dang it

And there's the flag

Lol and NOW the refs throw a flag. NFL knows who they want to win.

We better not go three-and-out here it's going to be a long day

Gotta match that score. And maybe mix in some man coverage Gus. Brady is gonna do that to zone all day

No way Chargers can win if refs dont enforce the illegal blocking downfield rule. The pass has to be below line of scrimmage. The 3rd down conversion to start drive was way past the line.

This is not looking good. Delay of game. Rivers audibling way too late

Atrocious start

What the hell is going on with our players and injuries

Chargers need to run the pick route like the Patriots and see if refs call it. Rivers & Whiz & Lynn.

Bomb to Kennan!! YESSSSSSS TD

Allen wide open!!

How about that long ball!!!

You want to score, we will score

Great answer O. Now send the D after Brady

Happy Gilmore where we're you? Burned in the cold!

D is getting gashed

Mostly like what I'm seeing from defense minus all of these ten yard runs from Michel

Make him throw the damn ball downfield

Gosh, our run defense isn’t great but this is atrocious

That was too easy, someone on def needs to make a play

Not blown coverage. Just bad play-calling.

May have to score 40 to win.

Defense just looking so lost.

Pats are absolutely toying with our D.

Belecheat has had two weeks to prep....that’s scary.

okay, no I think I want to stop watching, this is ugly

Pats defense getting away with A LOT of PI. What a freaking scam.

They are mugging our receivers and no class are being made. Watch Gates on the third down play!!!

I don’t think Gus can stop Brady once. What happened to our D

this blows, I've been waiting decades for this and this is pure torture and not right or fair, I'd rather of lost to the Ravens than to Bellicheat and the Cheatriots and Tom Shady, we need special teams td, D td to win now being down 7 and they are almost in FG position again

The best thing we can hope for now is a mistake by Brady, which is highly doubtful. Adjustments won't happen until 2nd half, if any, and it might be too late by that time.

Pass rush is crap today. This is what I feared. It’s been hit or miss all season

I knew the NE OGs were excellent but man, were getting no pressure whatsoever and that’s going to be a long day.

2nd and 10 and all our DBs were 11 yards deep

LOL looks like we might be getting blown out today. Unless some miracle happens.

Welp, we know that the coaching staff is still outmatched by actual championship caliber teams.

This is purely on coaches. Just horrible gameplan on Defense. EVERYONE knows they dink and dunk short. Why are they playing so deep when they have no one to burn us? Dorset and Patterson maybe but they're below average receivers.

Still got the faith. D will adjust, Phillip is playing great, Mike and him are on the same page

We literally need to score a TD on every possession now.

Chargers always seem to play the same way against the Pats. I don't get it.

Totally out coached today

Why the hell are we still playing ZONE? SERIOUSLY?

Hahaha this game is rigged.

i am convinced the fix is in

Bradley is a fraud. Pats are proving that.

time to draft a qb and some linebackers.

Here i thought Rivers was gonna get some redemption.... 7 DB against the patriots is a STUPID IDEA. This isn't the Raven's with a rook QB is tom freaking brady.

Is there a mercy rule in the NFL?

Game officially over now boys. Call me crazy but if I was the owner of this team the whole coaching staff would be gone it is not good enough to just get to the playoffs. the whole world even on TV says don't play zone against the Patriots and we play zone the entire game how brain dead do you have to be?

Last year watching the nfl at all. Sorry it may not be rigged but some obvious favoritism.

This is just worse than can be put into words

Good pressure on defense there! Punt! Let's go!

Patriots getting bored

Embarrassing when you lose 8 straight times to the same team

Finally some pressure. Let’s get 7 to end the half here

Oh my...King! This broke the camels back.

Charger nightmare. Desmond King having a horrible day.

Recovered.... damn

Just a trainwreck

Can’t beat the pats and the refs....nfl got what it wanted...

And Rivers' team lets him down in the playoffs once again. What a sad career.

Heart wrenching for Rivers. I feel for them...Patriots don't care their going for the jugular.

They aren't playing at any level... this is the most disappointing thing about this game... the defense is supposed to be decent... top ten... and here they aren't even playing poorly.... they are playing worse than poorly...

35-7 not even half they are about to put a 70 burger on us.

It is the worst Chargers game I have seen probably ever.

It hurts big time. Not even a fight. Dominated physically and mentally. It's been great season overall.

Has to be the most embarrassing loss in charger history I can't think of anything worse. Except maybe the other seven times.

Never in my wildest dreams did I see this coming. I thought the talent of the Chargers would easily overcome this inferior Pats team. Even with Brady and B.B. I was dead wrong.

Everyone on this team and coaching staff should be thoroughly embarrassed and disgusted.

Even if this was like MLB, NHL, NBA best out of 7 I think we'd lose 4 times to them and it stinks.

3 rd and 10 and Rivers goes for a 1 yard pass.

Another great punt by Jones!!!!

We need to go for it on every 4th down from here on out, why not?

Romo totally calling out the defensive scheme.

Oh good, diners drive-ins and dives is on.

Can we go back to playing the Raiders now......

The chiefs will destroy the patriots next week.. because they want Mahomes in the super bowl..the refs will call game in favor of the chiefs and patriots will look like crap.

If Rapersburger has 2 rings and ShEli has 2 rings I really want Brees to get his 2nd ring.

I just want our guys to pop the crap out of the Pats players now. Hit stick them.

I will be pulling for the Patriots I can't stand that punk mahomes and that punky look he gets on his face.

Bellicheat watched what the Ravens did to us with their D in L.A., I'm just surprised with the result as N.E. doesn't have the Defensive horses that Baltimore does

we need 38-14 then 38-22 then 38-30 then 38-38 then win in OT

So sick of the “Tom Brady is hard to beat” crap. It’s Belichick’s system. ANY QB who came in under center besides Brady won. Heck, Matt Cassell only threw what, 33 passes his entire college career then suddenly goes 11-5 his first year as a starter when Brady was hurt? Please stop with this GOAT crap.

I'm so so so damn sick of these Patriots. They really take the enjoyment out of the game for me.

We need to spend our 7 draft picks on 6 olinemen and a replacement for Addae.

38-14 but man what a waste of clock, we needed to score 2 td's in the 3rd quarter.

Literally i want to cry that this is Rivers’ legacy. He didnt even have a chance

Matt Cassell would have beat them today.

183 yards on offense. Pathetic.

I'd rather be staring at a toilet bowl. Jon Bon Jovi singing in the owners booth would make a toilet bowl very useful.

It's been great posting and reading this forum since 2006. I will miss it.

Clearly hit his plant leg. And they only call running into the kicker. Another BS call by the patriot ref who made millions off of their stadium being built.

So had we beat Denver, got a bye, beat the Colts, could we of beat the Pats in Carson? Bellicheck has exposed Tevi and Schofield, exposed our defense.

that might be Gatsies last catch

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