Surprise...? Harry Potter is rooting for the Rams in Super Bowl LIII

If you're in your late teens/somewhere in your twenties, chances are you either read the Harry Potter books, saw the movies or both.

If you did, then you know who Daniel Radcliffe is. Harry Potter himself, the boy who lived, apparently has a rooting interest in Super Bowl LIII and let me be the first to break this news to you: it's not the Patriots.

Radcliffe, whom I did not know is a big NFL fan, is like everyone else outside of New England who can't stand to see them win all the time. That, and he apparently is not a fan of Brady's politics.

It's pretty ridiculous that politics has to play a part in this, but whatever. At least he admits that Brady is "awesome" and shouldn't retire.

As an aside, the movies are good. Never read the books. Way too long for my attention span.

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