Tom Brady pulled an all-nighter watching film on the Chargers

Denis Poroy | AP

The moment Tom Brady knew who his next opponent was, it was time for him to get to work.

After the Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday afternoon, the stage was set for the New England Patriots’ AFC divisional round game.

In his weekly interview with sports radio WEEI, the Patriots QB admitted that he was “up watching film all night” in his prep for taking on LA.

“That’s the way it is,” Brady said. “This is the biggest week of the year for me; everything is focused on what we need to do. You can’t watch enough film on weeks like this. You can’t get enough rest. You can’t get enough treatment, get enough training or get enough practice. It’s all about what we have to do to be at our best for the biggest three hours of the season when that ball kicks off.”

Brady also mentioned in his interview that prepping for high-pressure games like this comes naturally to him, and he accommodates that to his long-term success.

“Certainly, there are things that don’t come naturally to me that I’ve had to work hard at,” he said. “This is something that I really don’t have to think much about. It just naturally happens. The focus and emotion really sharpens, tightens up. And I get to a place mentally where I need to be.”

Brady and the Patriots will have had five days since their last practice when they take the field again Wednesday, giving them an adequate amount of time to get both mentally and physically ready.

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